Tuesday 1 December 2015

Israel, Capitalism, Mind over Matter



Capitalism and War.


Be happy!


U.S.A lawmakers pledge of allegiance to Israel.


Mind over matter?

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At 29 November 2015 at 13:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

US lawmakers forced to pledge allegiance..
The statements of Cynthia McKinney do confirm, that the Jewish/Israel lobby do fully control the US political establishment. Evidence provided on this blog over and over is proving, that the very same power game is in use for the large majority of the Western world.

Burn and earn?
The report from Oksana Boyko and Antony Loewenstein is trying to blame the “Military Industrial Complex”, respectively the “capitalistic system” for the wars and violence in this world. Strangely enough, at 19:50, it is the IDF (Israel) who are positively shown as helping efficiently after the earth-quake in Haiti. Oksana seems also to be very fond of Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders, in another interview with Vaclav Havel she stressed Havel’s “positive” encounter with Thomas? Friedman.
Long story short: is worldapartRT a Jewish scheme??

At 29 November 2015 at 13:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good info






At 29 November 2015 at 23:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How interesting it is to see that the This Land Is Mine video has been removed from You Tube

At 30 November 2015 at 13:53 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

The censors can play whack a mole all they want but we are many and they are few :)

"How interesting it is to see that the This Land Is Mine video has been removed from You Tube"

There is always Vimeo :) and the authors information here.


I envisioned This Land Is Mine as the last scene of my potential-possible-maybe- feature film, Seder-Masochism, but it’s the first (and so far only) scene I’ve animated. As the Bible says, “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

This Land Is Mine from Nina Paley on Vimeo.
Who’s Killing Who? A Viewer’s Guide
Because you can’t tell the players without a pogrom!



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