Thursday 2 July 2015


Tunisia - gunmen photographed after the hotels attack.

1. The official story that there was only one gunman is a lie.

Witness Tom Richards, a civil engineering graduate, told the Guardian he saw a gunman with a beard shoot two tourists in the head.

"He was maybe 20 or 25. He had long black hair and a beard."

Tunisia attack - the unanswered questions.

One of the survivors, Kirsty Murray, said she was hit in the legs by a man with a handgun.

On 26 June 2015, eyewitnesses reported that FIVE terrorists arrived by boat for the attack on the hotels near Sousse.

Eyewitnesses say that two boats were used.

Aljarida : موقع الجريدة, جريدة إلكترونية جامعة تواكب الأخبار المتصلة بتونس لحظة وقوعه

"Local media reports claim that one of the attackers was wearing a police uniform."

Tunisia Live

"Local police sources in Sousse say Yacoubi (Seifeddine Rezgui) arrived in the resort in a rented car with two other men who dropped him off on a side street leading to the beach."


Daniel Ben Saad, left, in charge of jet skis, and Moez Arfa, right, the hotel's sports organiser, were on the beach when the attack took place. There is a Daniel Saad (not the same one) who works for the Israeli Defence Force.

2. The Tunisian authorities cooperated with the attackers.

Survivors have told the Guardian they have not been approached by the police to provide witness statements about what they saw.
Witnesses said a gunman arrived on the beach by jet ski or speedboat.

No jet skis or speedboats have been recovered. 
There has been speculation that the attacker, or attackers, arrived in a plane seen flying low over the resort at the time.

Police officers did arrive at the scene within minutes.

Armed policemen allowed the gunmen to freely massacre British tourists for more than half an hour, witnesses claim.

Tunisia attack: police let gunmen run amok for half an hour, says witness.


Tunisia's Interior minister Rafik Chelli says that one of the shooters in the Tunisian hotel shootings attended an ISIS camp in Sabratha, in western Libya.

ISIS is run by Mossad, the CIA and their friends.

Thus the attack on the Tunisian hotels was apparently carried out by the security services of the West.

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At 3 July 2015 at 01:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

NGOs, Activists Fret New Role for Indonesia’s Spy Agency

At 3 July 2015 at 03:41 , Anonymous Greg Bacon said...

Wayne Madsen has a good story on the CIA backing various terrorists groups:

ISIL plundering Syrian, Iraqi heritage sites on 'industrial scale'

Wonder why IS/DAESH hasn't attacked Yemeni's synagogues or yeshiva schools. Aren't they as 'infidel' as Hamas...I'm being a smart-ass.

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