Thursday 2 July 2015


'Kosher Nostra'

Sousse is like Naples.

Both have 'no go' areas.

When I attempted to enter a part of Sousse which reminded me of Acera in Naples, a plain clothes policeman popped up.

He advised me to return to the centre of the city.


One Tunisian 'mafia' boss was said to have been the nephew of a former Tunisian chief of national security.

The mafia existed under President Ben Ali, and had links to the Ben Ali family, but, it has become much more powerful since Ben Ali's fall.

The 'mafia' in Tunisia has the help of certain politicians, government officials, and police officers.


One witness to the Tunisian hotel attacks was Amir.

Amir saw a 'terrorist' on the beach pass three hotels unmolested.

"I was shocked not to see the police as the region is surrounded by the police stations, and there are usually regular patrols," he said.

Attentat en Tunisie : pourquoi le tireur n'a pas été abattu ...


The attack on the hotels in Tunisia was designed, in part, to allow David Cameron to organise an attack on Syria.

Airstrikes on IS targets in Syria to be debated.

Israel is determined to get its Greater Israel, even if it means killing tourists.

The Yinon Plan and the Role of the ISIS | Global Research.

US To Begin the Invasion of Syria. Washington Policymakers Call for the Division, Destruction and Military Occupation of Syria.


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At 2 July 2015 at 09:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting comment made over at Abel Danger:

According to this FSB’s report on the decrypting of these CIA messages, they show that on 18 June, a “known” CIA “hit team” was operating in the western region of North Carolina between the cities of Ashville and Shelby on a “disposal operation”, which Federation intelligence experts say is US “spy talk” for the suiciding of dissidents…the next day a prominent autism researcher and vaccine opponent, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, was found dead in a Henderson, County North Carolina river having suffered what is said was a self-inflicted gun wound to his chest.

Within two hours of this CIA “hit team” completing their “disposal operation” in Henderson County, this report continues, they then traveled two counties over to Cleveland County, North Carolina, where they then “directed and effectuated” the capture of the fugitive mass murderer Dylan Roof.

And most bizarrely in these CIA communications relating to the capture Dylan Roof, this report notes, were the members of this “hit team” “directing/ordering” North Carolina police authorities not to harm him as he was labeled as “one of our assests[sic]”.

These North Carolina police officials then violated all international protocols in arresting such a mass murder suspect as they not only holstered their weapons when approaching him, this report states, but none of them established the at least 35 meter blast radius around Roof’s vehicle in the event he had filled it with explosives to enlargen his death toll, and as the video evidence proves."

Not sure how it can be corroborated, but nonetheless very interesting.


At 2 July 2015 at 12:49 , Anonymous Greg Pearson said...


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