Tuesday 18 June 2024


 The Starmer Project by Oliver Eagleton


“He is a ruthless autocrat ‘combining intervention abroad with repression at home’ …

“… defending the state while prosecuting activists …

“He prevented Home Office officials responsible for the death of migrant Jimmy Mubenga from being charged.

“[He] did the same for PC Harwood, the officer responsible for killing Ian Tomlinson, the newspaper vendor who died following the G20 protests.

“[And] most famously, he refused to bring charges against the killers of Jean Charles de Menezes, shot dead by police at Stockwell tube station.

“Similarly, Starmer protected the Spycops who used their undercover roles to abuse women …

“During his tenure, the CPS acted ‘as a proxy’ for the US State Department overseas, with Starmer himself becoming an envoy for the US Department of Justice.

“He forged close links with US Attorney General, Eric Holder: at one point going way beyond his remit by promising to secure Gary McKinnon’s extradition — a young man who, while looking for evidence of UFOs, hacked into US military databases.

“Eagleton describes Starmer’s ‘fury’ with Theresa May when as Home Secretary she stopped the extradition …

“A prize pursued by the Blairites who took over the leadership team (including Peter Mandelson …), Eagleton provides a detailed account of the manoeuvres to expel Corbyn, including how the antisemitism row was used to achieve this goal …"

" Eagleton exposes Starmer as an ambitious opportunist ... first and foremost a conservative …”

Reviewed by Terina Hine



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