Friday 14 June 2024

Fentanyl arrives in Poland, shocking video

Fentanyl arrives in Poland, shocking video

Fentanyl arrives in Poland, shocking video


At 14 June 2024 at 15:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Slavland Chronicles asks -
Is Putin one of a long line of leaders of various countries, groomed and installed with Western assistance ... but the West holding blackmail over him?

Former Russian spy and anti-Putin dissident Alexander Litvinenko died in London in late 2006, allegedly from poisoning by a radioactive substance.

It was well-broadcast in media that the dying Litvinenko blamed Putin and his agents for his death.

Much less well-broadcast was how Litvinenko had accused Putin of operating 'false-flag' terrorist acts blaming Muslims, to justify the wars against Chechnya, to prevent Chechens from being independent of Russia and being able to control valuable oil and gas lines.

The West does not speak much about possible anti-Muslim 'false flags' by Russia starting in late 1990s ... and some think this is because Russia's false flags were actually the model for the USA '9-11' and the following years of anti-Muslim 'war on terror'.

But almost totally missing from media about Russian dissident Litvinenko, is that "the spook defector claimed that Putin was involved in an elite pedophile ring that held blackmail kompromat over him."

Why did Western media not cover this accusation by the dying Litvinenko? Is it because it is true? Or the topic too close to how elites in the West operate?

BBC - 'Putin recalls kissing boy's belly', with photo

'Putin kisses a boy on stomach'

And curiously, a 'Putin-critical journalist', Aleksei Venediktov (born 1955) - allowed to function in Moscow - suggested that the assassinations of Litvinenko, and also of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who had covered Chechnya, and was shot to death in Moscow a few weeks before Litvinenko died - were both killings by intelligence agency actors, to discourage Putin from leaving power in 2008, as he had long claimed he wanted to do.

The West wanted a 'Putin boogeyman', and Putin saw he had to comply?

Is Putin a sort of 'puppet' in a trap he cannot escape?


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