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Unity Mitford
Adolf Hitler and Emil Maurice together in 1924.

There is a belief that Mein Kampf was written by Hitler's Jewish lover Emil Maurice.



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Keep posting Aanirfan !

Of course this is interconnected, about hitler, nazis and jews. Many ss man and high rank military in 3rd reich army were, surprisingly or not, jewish...

Greetings from Poland ! Best wishes, Sir or Madam.

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King Charles ‘had a secretive meeting with his Jewish friend David Beckham while shunning his son Harry’

“King Charles met David Beckham to discuss his charitable foundation while Prince Harry was in the country …

“No pictures were released of the meeting …”

“The Duke had said that his father was too busy … to see him while he was in Britain this week … [Yet] Prince Harry's visit was planned months in advance …”

In addition to BECKHAM, other VIP Friends of Israel involved with King Charles’s ‘very Jewish’ coronation reportedly included:

- BEAR GRYLLS, the son of Derek Laud’s late business partner, Michael Grylls MP;
- TOM CRUISE, whose first wife is Jewish. Former child actor Ben Fellows has discussed Mr. Cruise;
- BETTE MIDLER, who starred in ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ as a witch obsessed with luring and eating children to remain youthful. The film’s unusual logo features a symbol used by pedophiles to identify themselves;
- Rothschild bestie JOANNA LUMLEY, whom “DI Paul Settle, then head of Operation Fairbank -- the investigation into historical child sex abuse at Westminster — was said to have … [referenced in respect to Ms. Lumley allegedly appearing in pornographic films]”;
- JOAN COLLINS, the Jewish Zionist honorary founding member of the NSPCC. Collins boasts on her website that she is “deeply concerned about children the world over” — though it is unclear if Ms. Collins’ extraordinary compassion extends to the ‘goy’ kids of Gaza;
- SOFIA RICHIE GRAINGE, the Jewish Zionist swimwear model, who describes childhood visits to Michael Jackson’s Neverland estate as one of her best memories.

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Meanwhile, QUEEN CAMILLA’S Zionist entourage has included:

- The late LORD JACOB ROTHSCHILD, whom Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking victim Maria Farmer has implicated in the kompromat operation. Lord Rothschild often entertained Queen Camilla and King Charles at Waddesdon Manor and on many occasions hosted them for stays at his home in Kerasia, Corfu (“Jacob Rothschild’s hospitality to Camilla is legendary. He gives her and her sister the run of his estate in Corfu and the yacht has always been at her disposal” - DM);
- Camilla’s nephew BEN ELLIOT, a Trustee for the Eranda Rothschild Foundation chaired by the late Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (cousin of Jacob) and closely associated with Ghislaine Maxwell’s alleged benefactor Lady Lynn de Rothschild. Ben Elliot partnered on the film Fire in Babylon with: (i) John Battsek, the Jewish co-director and co-producer of Jewish VIP David Beckham’s Netflix series; and (ii) Ben Goldsmith, the Jewish financier and “environmentalist” previously married to the late Amschel Rothschild’s daughter and whose daughter died in a “tragic accident”;
- DEREK LAUD, the subject of serious allegations by Scallywag magazine, in whose surprising company The Sun reports that Camilla once enjoyed a holiday in Tuscany;
- Hampstead Zionist MELVYN BRAGG, who gushed to Jimmy Savile that he had enjoyed his book “enormously”. Mr. Bragg wrote a 1996 newspaper column arguing that legalising brothels would be safer for children. Mr. Bragg’s other closest friends include Cliff Richard, Stephen Fry and David Hockney;
- (With her husband King Charles), the Freemason LIONEL RICHIE, whose daughter is Jewish, and who has been involved with The Prince’s Trust as an Ambassador since the 1980s;
- GYLES BRANDRETH, a resident of Barnes, site of the ‘notorious’ Elm Guest House, who was involved with Lord Longford’s ‘Pornography Commission’ together with Jimmy Savile and Cliff Richard. Mr. Brandreth — who is at pains to stress that he is straight — recently hosted the Sir Edward Heath Annual Lecture organised by The Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation, supported by ‘Friends of Arundells’ (Lord Peter Mandelson, Lady Virginia Bottomley and Keith Vaz).


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