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A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind by Stephen G...


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The New Republic writes of the shadowy group that may be the world's most powerful international right-wing organisation

'Off Leash' is headed by Erik Prince, the wealthy founder of the military contractor / mercenary group Blackwater (now 'Academi') and is said to have more than 400 members from around 37 countries in a global right-wing network.

This network - including people of great wealth, people experienced in weapons trade and arms trafficking, people involved with intelligence agencies - has the ability to put into concrete 'action' the right-wing ideas they share.

For example, 'Off Leash participants, among them Horatiu Potra, a Romanian mercenary who has recently been operating in the mineral-rich, conflict-plagued Democratic Republic of Congo"

Politicians favoured by this group include Trump in the USA, Milei in Argentina and Orbán in Hungary. Erik Prince's sister Betsy DeVos was in the cabinet of former President Trump as his Secretary of Education.

In media the group is fond of people such as Tucker Carlson and right-wing General Michael Flynn, Trump's former National Security advisor.

Off Leash members express sentiments very supportive of Israel, very against Palestinians and Iran.

"Off Leash provides an informal virtual gathering place for current and former political officials, national security operatives, activists, journalists, soldiers of fortune, weapons brokers, black bag operators, grifters, convicted criminals, and other elements in the U.S. and global far right ... Participants chirpily discussed the desirability of clamping down on democracy to deal with their enemies at home and regime change, bombings, assassinations, and covert action to take care of those abroad."

'Off Leash: Inside the Secret, Global, Far-Right Group Chat'


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