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Israel arms embargo activists protest outside Keir Starmer's London home

“A group of [anti genocide] protesters staged a demonstration outside Labour leader Keir Starmer’s home in London on Tuesday afternoon.

“Demonstrators from the Youth Demand group hung a banner outside Mr Starmer’s house that read: ‘Starmer stop the killing’ surrounded by red hand prints.

“The group called for a two-way arms embargo on Israel, saying weapons made in the UK were being ‘used to cause genocide’ in a video posted to their X account …

“Protesters then laid rows of children’s shoes outside the Labour leader’s door … to signify children killed in Gaza …”



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Jewish British-Israeli Jonathan Cook:

'The murder of foreigners has been central to Israel’s occupation playbook for decades – and helps explain what Israel hopes to achieve with its current slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza.

In the early 2000s, Israel was on another of its rampages, wrecking Gaza and the West Bank ...
Shocked by the brutality, a group of foreign volunteers, a significant number of them Jewish, ventured into these areas.

Evidence suggests Israeli soldiers received authorisation to execute activists such as Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall; James Miller, a filmmaker; and even United Nations official Iain Hook. This rapid spate of killings – and the maiming of many other activists – had the intended effect.

A series of “freedom flotillas” tried to reach Gaza’s coast from 2008 onwards, the largest led by the Mavi Marmara. Israeli naval commandos stormed the ship illegally in international waters in 2010, killing 10 foreign aid workers and human rights activists on board and injuring another 30. The flotillas petered out.

Israel has always had four prongs to its strategy towards the Palestinians.

The first is to incrementally isolate the Palestinians from the international community.

The second is to make Palestinians dependent on the Israeli military’s goodwill, and create conditions so precarious that Palestinians try to vacate their historic homeland

Third, Israel has crushed any attempt by outsiders – especially the media and human rights monitors – to scrutinise its activities

And fourth, Israel has needed to erode humanitarian protections enshrined in international law to stop atrocities against civilians

The people of Gaza are on their own. The West, rather than their saviour, is now fully complicit not only in Israel’s blockade of Gaza but in its starvation too. Every Palestinian in Gaza now faces a death sentence.

Political conversation in the West is still mired in delusional talk, rather than how to stop an accelerating genocide.'

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Research Article 1 May 2008

Clinical microbiology pertaining to chimeric pathogens. **Note the date** Equally, despite the abstract pointing to SARS-Cov2, the eagle eyed might also notice SARS-Cov3.


RNase-Resistant Virus-Like Particles Containing Long Chimeric RNA Sequences Produced by Two-Plasmid Co-expression System.

RNase-resistant, noninfectious virus-like particles containing exogenous RNA sequences (armored RNA) are good candidates as RNA controls and standards in RNA virus detection. However, the length of RNA packaged in the virus-like particles with high efficiency is usually less than 500 bases. In this study, we describe a method for producing armored L-RNA. Armored L-RNA is a complex of MS2 bacteriophage coat protein and RNA produced in Escherichia coli by the induction of a two-plasmid co-expression system in which the coat protein and maturase are expressed from one plasmid and the target RNA sequence with modified MS2 stem-loop (pac site) is transcribed from another plasmid. A 3V armored L-RNA of 2,248 bases containing six gene fragments—hepatitis C virus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV1, SARS-CoV2, and SARS-CoV3), avian influenza virus matrix gene (M300), and H5N1 avian influenza virus (HA300)—was successfully expressed by the two-plasmid co-expression system and was demonstrated to have all of the characteristics of armored RNA. We evaluated the 3V armored L-RNA as a calibrator for multiple virus assays. We used the WHO International Standard for HCV RNA (NIBSC 96/790) to calibrate the chimeric armored L-RNA, which was diluted by 10-fold serial dilutions to obtain samples containing 106 to 102 copies. In conclusion, the approach we used for armored L-RNA preparation is practical and could reduce the labor and cost of quality control in multiplex RNA virus assays. Furthermore, we can assign the chimeric armored RNA with an international unit for quantitative detection.

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Dr John Campbell. Another video looking at IG4 and the supression of the immune system (which we've known about since at least 2021). Equally, the overactivity of the immune system causing autoimmune conditions and hyper inflated responses in the body.

Inflammation is being talked up and can present itself from circulatory, respiratory, tissue besides many other areas.

Long COVID being blamed by the MSM, Long Vaccd' being blamed by many others.


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