Thursday 25 April 2024

Israel’s shocking AI tools & Google’s complicity in Gaza | The Listening...


At 25 April 2024 at 17:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe Biden just signed a US Congress law 'ordering' the sale or banning of TikTok by next January, as Jewish lobbyists requested

TikTok, with 1.7 billion users, is the favourite phone app of hundreds of millions of young people, and beyond the music, selfie, and dancing cute short videos, TikTok is the prime venue where youth share news and thoughts about Israel and Palestine ... feeding the anti-Israel protests now raging in America and elsewhere

Jewish figures in the USA - such as Trump's former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin - have expressed interest in 'buying' Tiktok and 'shaping' it

But TikTok - owned by ByteDance of Beijing China - is calling the USA bluff ... they indicate that they will not sell ... the looming censoring of TikTok, to spark huge and maybe revolutionary anger by the youth of America against both their own government and Israel

China-Jewish conflict is now out in the open, direct and significant

'ByteDance prefers TikTok shutdown in US if legal options fail, sources say'


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