Saturday 27 April 2024



‘Genocide Joe is scheming with Bibi to enlarge the Gaza assault — by luring in Iran, Syria, Yemen and Hezbollah.

‘Regional conflagration serves the aim of the Western political elite: Greater Israel, Zionist supremacy and US hegemony’

“… [The] Western political elite, paid tools of the zionist machine, are complicit in the genocide of Palestinians and ethnic cleansing of Gaza at a much deeper level than the people have yet understood ..

“[Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak] actively support the destruction of the Palestinians …

“This genocide is the desired goal of the West …

“Biden fully supports the genocide …

“He is actively abetting Netanyahu and shares with him the objective of full Israeli occupation of Gaza after the Palestinian people are killed or expelled into Sinai.

“He also shares with Netanyahu the aim of a wider regional conflict in which the US and Gulf states ally with Israel against Iran, Syria, Yemen and Hezbollah.

“This is their joint vision of the Middle East – Greater Israel, and US hegemony operating through the Sunni monarchies …

“This is not the work of Netanyahu operating as a rogue.

“It is the result of the machinations of a professional political class across the Western world welded to zionism, with the supremacy of Israel as an article of fundamental belief.

“Times are not this dark by accident.

“They were designed to be this dark.”


At 27 April 2024 at 01:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing new here. Anyone studying this issue know its been openly spoken of by ZIONISTS for 150 yrs. (then when you quote them, they call you 'conspiracy theorist'). Murray doesnt go far enough. War will smash Al Aqsa, freeing it up for seizure as THIRD TEMPLE site.


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