Monday 8 April 2024

Europe Debt

The huge debt problem, whilst the EU economy sinks without cheap Russian energy -

Interest rates are higher, much public debt is 'rolling over' and needs to be re-financed more expensively.

Banks have big problems with commercial real estate as offices are much emptier

Public funds diverted to debt & interest means 'austerity' in public services.

Major war is the big 'distraction' to justify privation of citizens.

'European Debt Trap Ahead

Fiscal situations of European governments may trigger European sovereign crisis 2.0

Macron may have recognized the need to divert financial markets' attention from the dire state of the French economy by adopting a more aggressive stance among NATO leaders. Historically, wars have often been a catalyst for governments to default on their debt.'


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Gyles Brandreth to host Sir Edward Heath Annual Lecture

“… [The] Sir Edward Heath Annual Lecture [is] organised by The Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation …

“… [This] year’s lecture … will honour … our late Queen, HM Elizabeth II …

“Confirmed speakers so far include: Gyles Brandreth …

“Robert Hardman: Daily Mail writer …”

Robert Hardman tells Corbyn enough is enough over anti-semitism

At 8 April 2024 at 21:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation is supported by ‘Friends of Arundells’.

Lord Peter Mandelson, Lady Virginia Bottomley, Keith Vaz and Lincoln Seligman support and are closely affiliated to the Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation via Friends of Arundells.

(Lincoln Seligman is Heath’s godson; his father was Madron Seligman, Heath’s “oldest friend and mentor” whose ancestors “were German Jewish bankers”.)

Esther Rantzen lives just 13 miles from Arundells, in Bramshaw, a small village that over the years has recorded innumerable acts of animal sacrifice and church desecration.

Besides Gyles Brandreth, Peter Mandelson, Virginia and Peter Bottomley, Keith Vaz and the Seligmans, another great admirer of Edward Heath was the late Dr Henry Kissinger, who in 2016 gave the inaugural Sir Edward Heath International Lecture at Banqueting House in London.

Psychiatrist Dr Joan Coleman and author David Icke have alleged the historical existence of a ritual sexual abuse cult that included Sir Edward Heath and his admirers. With its epicentre in Salisbury in the person of Heath, its tentacles allegedly spanned destinations including the New Forest, the South Coast, the Isle of Wight and Jersey.

Icke published certain allegations involving close friends Edward Heath and Peter Mandelson while Dr Coleman published certain allegations involving close friends Edward Heath and Virginia Bottomley — as well as (among others) Sir David Frost, Sir Cyril Smith, Lord Paul Boateng, Earl Spencer, the late Lord Montagu, the late Marquess of Bath, Princess Michael of Kent, the 8th Earl of Caernarvon, the 17th Duke of Norfolk and the 3rd Baron Moyne.

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When Bill Clinton goes on his book tour, will anyone ask him about Jeffrey Epstein?

“I periodically marvel that a former U.S. president hung around with a notorious sex trafficker for years, that sex trafficker committed suicide under suspicious circumstances, and that former U.S. president . . . never got asked about it in interviews for years afterward …”

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Former Foreign Office minister criticised conservative Friends of Israel

Former Foreign Office minister Sir Alan Duncan is being investigated by his party after giving an interview in which he called for two Conservative peers and a minister to face repercussions for their support of Israel.

At 8 April 2024 at 22:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jewish author Dean Koontz ‘predicted Covid-19’

The Eyes of Darkness was published in 1981.


“I was a poor kid with a Jewish grandmother …” Koontz said.

“[Koontz’s] father was put in a psychiatric ward many years later after his second attempt to stab Koontz.”

“Is it absolutely necessary for [Koontz] to incorporate torture, depravity and child abuse into this novel …? [The Darkest Evening of the Year, published in 2007]”

Shadowfires is a novel by Koontz published in 1987. “The protagonist of the story is a woman who is in the process of divorcing her abusive husband Eric … [who has] an obsession with cheating death stemming from SEXUAL ABUSE HE SUFFERED AS A CHILD …”

“… [Some] of his old books had sexual assault, and it seems like his newer books all involve sexual assault in some way … It's to the point that it feels like Koontz goes out of his way to bring rape into his [books] …”

DEAN KOONTZ: “… [It’s] actually incumbent upon me to write about evil, because this kingdom is Satan’s and he is the prince of the world … Evil walks among us …”

At 8 April 2024 at 22:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

All UK airports must close by 2029 and beef and lamb must be banned for human consumption, according to report for UK government

“The report was released in November 2019 and was authored by ‘UK Fires’, a collaboration between the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham, Bath and Imperial College London – the home of Professor Neil Ferguson.

“Entitled ‘Absolute Zero’, the report is a research collaboration in which the authors reveal what the UK must do to meet its legal requirement to reach net zero emissions by 2050, and it makes for harrowing reading …”

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“A service to celebrate the life and work of Sir David Frost OBE was held yesterday …

“Joanna Lumley read a sonnet that she co-wrote …

“Also present were … Sir Peter Bottomley and the Rt Hon Baroness Bottomley … Victoria, Lady de Rothschild … Mr Matthew Freud … Mr Stephen Fry … Mr and Mrs Uri Geller … Ms Esther Rantzen … Lord Rothschild … Sir John and Lady Scarlett [MI6] … ”

“Scottish Friends of Palestine expresses its concern at the involvement of Sir David Frost as guest speaker at the annual Balfour Dinner in Tel Aviv hosted by the Israeli based Israel, British and Commonwealth Association …”

“In the annals of the modern Conservative Party there's a photograph that tells a fascinating story. It was taken at the wedding of Kenneth Clarke … He's surrounded by friends, in Cambridge … [including] Sir Leon Brittan [and] veteran broadcaster Sir David Frost … [This group was] widely known as the 'Cambridge Mafia' …”

Sir David Frost in COLEMAN, J. (2010) ‘PEOPLE AND PLACES’

Sir David Frost in the ‘black book’ of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell


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