Saturday 30 March 2024

Scandinavian Economy ...


Norway has oil and gas

Sweden had no lockdown

In 2020[1] gross domestic product (GDP) per capita was as follows:

 Ireland ($87,735 – please refer to footnote),[2] Switzerland ($66,674), Norway ($60,912), Denmark ($51,772), Netherlands ($51,572), Iceland ($49,416), Sweden ($49,098), Austria ($48,908), Belgium ($45,559), Finland ($44,451) and the UK ($40,607). 

In 2020, out of 40 countries in the OECD statistics, Iceland had the lowest rate of poverty followed by Denmark (3rd), Finland (4th), Ireland (5th), Belgium (8th), Netherlands (9th), Norway (11th), Sweden (13th), Austria (16th), Switzerland (17th) and the UK (23rd).[7] (See Chart 4.)


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