Friday 29 March 2024

Isle of Wight

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Lord Mountbatten's Isle of Wight police car up for auction

VIRGINIA BOTTOMLEY “has chosen the name of a parish on the Isle of Wight for the title under which she will be known on introduction to the House of Lords … Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone will be introduced to the Lords on July 6 … After careful reflection, she said, she chose Nettlestone, as the parish in the Isle of Wight where her family had for seven generations spent their "high days and holidays" in PRIORY BAY.”
- Farnham Herald, 2005

The Isle of Wight “is one of the satanic capitals of the UK … There are many centres for this satanist-paedophile network on the island … [including] at least one YACHT CLUB and a SEAFRONT HOTEL … I am told that [EDWARD HEATH] is a guest at the secluded PRIORY BAY HOTEL on the east of the island and … PETER MANDELSON also stays there …”

- David Icke, ‘Children of the Matrix’, 2001


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