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Very charming the animals of different species being kind to one another
Profound really

So much worthy in countryside life where one gets to see nature more

But it seems that simple pleasure, is in danger now from the elites

As people discuss the regulatory attacks and potential huge extra fees for cars and motoring, banning older cars etc -

when village and countryside people absolutely need a simple car for shopping and medical visits -

one sees a very chilling response from the 'climate change' Agenda 2030 crowd

Their retort is that, for the sake of 'climate' etc ... people will be forced to move out of countryside areas and into 'smart walkable city' urban enclaves, the 'relocation' of course 'generously funded' by the state

Unless they have a special 'permit' to be in the countryside and to use a vehicle, as when working on a farm, by then probably owned by a large Blackrock-type corporation

So rural residents may become like arriving migrants, sent to live cheek-by-jowl in a park of metal containers somewhere, like this one in Germany ... at least they did this one with some colour variety


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