Monday 12 February 2024

Princess Diana, Jacob Frank & The Windsor Goldsmith Rothschild Connection


At 12 February 2024 at 07:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

UK sanctions 'extremist' Israeli settlers in West Bank

* This is, of course, a ruse by the UK government. And a crudely transparent one, at that.

By honing in on a mere “ four “ (lol) extremist settlers, the UK Foreign Office seeks to advance its false narrative.

The false, spurious implications the UK is pushing here:

(a) the problem of Israeli human rights abuses and illegal settlements is very small, limited to a handful of Israeli ‘bad apples’. Most Israeli settlers are law-abiding (lol) and their actions do not breach the rights of Palestinians and international law (ha). This is the very opposite of the truth.

(b) the UK is proactively safeguarding human rights in Gaza and Palestine generally (lol). The UK is taking meaningful and robust action against any and every Israeli who commits these types of crimes (ha). Again, the very opposite of the truth.

The UK Foreign Office news release is but one example of the British government’s intentionally deceptive public relations campaign. Its strategy — indeed its very modus operandi — is lies and propaganda.


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