Wednesday 14 February 2024

Harold Holt; anti-gravity aircraft


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Benjamin Fulford's latest video makes the claim that he met an Aussie Special Forces person who was brain chipped years ago. 

He was tasked with the killing of PM Harold Holt, who made the mistake of questioning USA # 1 military base below ground at Pine Gap. Also he upset a few bankers. 

I would have to agree with Ben about advanced technology being hidden from us. 

In 1972 I met Stan Deyo who worked with Prof. Edward Teller. Way back then he said they successfully worked on anti gravity aircraft - which were seen by aborigines at Pine Gap. 

Stan said that TPTB had many advanced technologies that remained hidden. Perhaps to be dribbled out slowly by the likes of Elon, whose latest 2 kiddies were IVF with Neuralink executive Zilis. 

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At 15 February 2024 at 13:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting health perspective -

'Weathering', the stress effects of ordinary life within an unjust society, and how we are, most all of us, shaped by this

The idea we are rather 'weathered' by our societies, like objects left out in the wind and rain, and this often forms us as much as what we do individually

It was a brilliant idea of public health researcher Arline Geronimus in the 1980s She writes:

“Contrary to popular opinion and accepted wisdom, healthy aging is a measure not of how well we take care of ourselves, but rather of how well society treats and takes care of us.”

The concept is sometimes applied heavily re effects of racism on racial minorities but it has much general application

Interesting in many ways. One can see that even wealthy 'privileged' people are 'weathered' by their emotional wounds and dysfunctional relationships.

Arline Geronimus is still talking about what she intuited decades ago, here's a full video -

'Arline Geronimus - Weathering: The Extraordinary Stress of Ordinary Life in an Unjust Society'


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