Monday 12 February 2024

Gaza, Palestine, Egypt

Gaza, Palestine, Egypt

Anonymous -

'Egypt reinforces army on border with Gaza as Israel continues indiscriminate attacks ... convoy of Egyptian army trucks and tanks heading from North Sinai's capital city, El-Arish, towards Rafah.'

Some Twitter X accounts confirming this military build-up, also say Egypt has given Israel a message -

That if Israel attempts the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians into Sinai .. then Egypt will consider the 1979 Egypt-Israel peace treaty as abrogated, and Egyptian troops will be ready to exchange fire with Israel

And this even tho Egypt's President Al-Sisi had a Moroccan Jewish mother -

There are limits to how even an autocrat can hold back his people


At 12 February 2024 at 14:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Israel will attack Rafah in about two weeks, Egypt tells Hamas

Egyptian officials estimate that Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip will move on the town of Rafah in about two weeks if a hostage release deal is not reached before then, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.'

'An international charity with extensive experience in providing emergency aid in wars, famines and earthquakes throughout the Middle East and in Afghanistan, is being forced to pay $5,000 a truck to a company linked to Egypt’s General Intelligence Service (GIS) to get aid into Gaza.

The charity, which does not want to be named to avoid obstruction to its relief efforts in Gaza, spoke to Middle East Eye in outrage at having to pay what it openly describes as a bribe to a state-linked agent.'


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