Saturday 13 January 2024

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin strangely 'disappeared'

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin remains in hospital -

Unknown commented -

A 1984 film, 'Countdown to Looking Glass', portrayed a scenario in which global war results from shipping being disrupted in the Red Sea and Strait of Hormuz.

Full 1984 film, 'Countdown to Looking Glass', 87 minutes

Another key event in the film is that the US Secretary of Defense dies suddenly.

In real life now, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin strangely 'disappeared' for some days without US top government people being informed; he is allegedly in hospital now with complications from prostate surgery.

But there is a rumour Austin was injured or killed in a Russian strike on a site in Ukraine which Austin was secretly visiting, hence the lack of information and then scramble to cover:

'Real Raw News'

'Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was allegedly killed in Kyiv on January 3 when Russian cruise missiles peltered a command bunker where Austin and Lieutenant General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, commander in chief of the Ukrainian Army, met secretly'


At 14 January 2024 at 04:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spooky story re USA defence chief. Official account makes no sense.

In UK or USA, if defence secretary goes into hospital or doesn't reply to communication, immediate procedures click in. High-level team follows and knows the often-secret location of defence secretary at all times, 24/7.

Another speculation is that maybe Austin is not suited to what is about to happen and they are using 'medical emergency' to shunt him out.


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