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Allegation of mysterioustunnel


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This came as a bit of a shock for those of us in the UK
and the rumours of blood stained mattreses made us all shudder
How i found out about the UK jewish tunnels is a very involved story
Back in the year 1983, I was witness to something of a similar nature as
I lived close to the Kray twins in East London, and they had their fingers in many pies one of which was importing low quality gold jewelry from Israel.

Hatton Garden was the UK jewelry centre, totally run by j who would only buy from other j and i was struggling to make a living, 

Ronnie Kray said mention my name and say you want to deal
so i went to where Ron suggested, although the chap behind the counter chatted with me he would not buy from a non j
but there were parcels on the counter to be sent away, i can read upside down and mentally noted where they were going.

On arriving back home i wrote to a man named Ivan ...... whose address i had seen in the shop ...

He invited me to come talk to him and just assumed I was jewish, now growing up in a jewish area i had picked up some yiddish and could pass to a casual observer as a jew.

So thinking this would help my struggling business i played along.

Now this man had a jewelry business there was thick dust over his goods
and it quickly became apparent the jewelry was a false front.

His was the last shop standing all the other buildings were for demolition he said he was holding out for top money

He bred Rottwilers , this was the first time i had seen these dogs and they were terrifying
there was so many locks bolts and chains on the doors, i joked with him it was like Fort Knox

This man in hos 60s had a beautiful young wife in her 30s, he was obviously very conscious of this as he wore young me'ns clothes
and combed his hair carefully over his bald patch.

He offered to show me round and in the cellar there was a large cupboard, he took a couple of lamps and pushed the back
of the cupboard which swung in and he had made a hole through the wall into the next cellar, and there were several holes through other cellars.

We went through and he said we are right underneath the big Hotel now, this is listening and taping equipment, as various politicians and business people come here and we got them all.

He said Mossad bought the shop for this purpose but said i hope to make a fair bit over the councils compulsory purchase
i said what a great setup. 

He said tunnels are used extensively and said one in london is right under a well known brot... used by Parliamentarians,
we got some super info from this that helped us so much in the 6 day war, when Israel launched a surprise attack with USA help on its neighbours.

... he told of ... an attempted blackmail plot on Government minister L. by two men who were detained by the Shomrin ( jewish police force ) in Kensington and taken to the tunnels.

I dont know about this tunnel but it does seem that the Brooklyn tunnel has been used for children.

MISSING KIDS each year children do go missing and many from war zones turn up in .....
Spain 20 000 per year
Australia 25000
France 39000
Brazil 40000
Mexico 45000
Canada 50000
UK 23000
USA 600.000 Where do they go ? they cant all end up in israeli bro... like the one rescued by Hamas last week


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