Friday 8 December 2023

Belgium - withdrawing the Belgian nationality of children born in Belgium to Palestinian parents

Marc Dutroux body double, in jail.

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More sadistic horror from Belgium, the heart of European corruption

'Belgian municipalities have received letters from the Immigration Office asking them to
withdraw the Belgian nationality of children born in Belgium to Palestinian parents

The office of the Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Nicole de Moor, acknowledged that the letters had been sent'

Dutroux (centre) has a concave shaped nose. He is Jewish.


Brussels terror attack prediction comes true for 2nd time, this week just like 2016

18 March 2016 Türkiye's Erdogan spoke of 'possible bombings in European cities including Brussels'

4 days later, 22 March 2016, was the terrorist attack at Brussels Zaventem airport & the Brussels metro

A few days ago, 4 December 2023, news media carried the story of a new warning
'Belgian terror expert: ‘Brussels not safe’ to celebrate Christmas and New Year in'

Within 72 hours, this week Wednesday, 6 December 2023, a man suddenly shot 4 people on one of Brussels' main higher-end shopping streets, the gunman quickly 'disappearing' in the most surveillance-heavy city of Continental Europe ... tho 'not terrorism' officials say ... how do they know that, with the gunman escaping?


At 8 December 2023 at 22:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The New Forest ‘Honeypot’ children’s charity:

Meet Laurie and Laetitia Oppenheim

Lord Rothschild is the radical Zionist whose cousin-in-law, Lady Lynn de Rothschild, sold Jeffrey Epstein (at a great discount) the Upper East Side townhouse in which they then installed Ghislaine Maxwell. (Lynn also reportedly accompanied Epstein on many of the trafficker’s private jet excursions.)

When we think of Marks and Spencer, we think of another radical Zionist: the retailer’s former chairman and chief executive Sir Richard Greenbury, whose wife Gabrielle was Jimmy Savile’s charity partner at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

We also think of Lord Rothschild’s close friend LAURIE OPPENHEIM, born 1955, who retired from his executive post at Marks and Spencer in 2005.

Laurie Oppenheim — who possesses a Jewish family name, and whose wife Laetitia seems also to be of Jewish ancestry — is listed in the ‘black book’ of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Laurie Oppenheim has now notched up 26 years as a Trustee of The Honeypot children’s charity, in Blackfield, in the New Forest, a few minutes east of Exbury, home to a branch of the Rothschilds “which includes Lionel, his sisters Kate and Charlotte, brother Nick, and their families including Kate’s husband Marcus Agius.”

Also not far from The Honeypot, but in this case a few minutes west of Exbury, is Beaulieu Abbey.

According to the late child psychologist Dr Joan Coleman, child sexual abuse victims described ritual abuse ceremonies held at this Abhey under the auspices of Lord Montagu: a close friend of Esther Rantzen who died in 2015.

Lord Jacob Rothschild’s friend Laurie Oppenheim has been a trustee of The Honeypot children’s charity since 1998.

Esther Rantzen is anothet keen supporter of The Honeypot, which was previously called the Nelson Trust.

“Esther, who has a home in the Forest, is one of the charity's biggest fans. She was guest of honour when Honeypot held a lunch and fashion show at … Chewton Glen Hotel at New Milton,” the local newspaper reported.

As well as enjoying the support of Lord Rothschild’s friend Laurie Oppenheim and Dame Esther Rantzen, The Honeypot has further benefited from the support of former Cantor Fitzgerald/BGC Partners executive Lee Amaitis, who is the former right-hand-man to Jeffrey Epstein’s next-door-neighbour, Howard Lutnick.

Most Cantor Fitzgerald employees were killed on 9-11, but Lee Amaitis and Howard Lutnick were miraculously spared.

Lee Amaitis wrote: “Once I settled in Britain, I was approached to help with the [children's] charity Honeypot”.

Lee Amaitis also served as a non-executive director of a charity called ‘Children in Crisis’ (now part of ‘Street Child’) alongside fellow non-executive director Dr Anthony Wallersteiner, whose father was Robert Maxwell’s business partner.

Dr Wallersteiner is the principal of Stowe School, which we associate with Robert’s now-infamous daughter Ghislaine — Ghislaine’s ex-lover the Duke of Rutland — the Duke of Rutland’s employee Harvey Proctor — and (per the allegation of a survivor and a police record) historical paedophilia.

Aren’t LAURIE and LAETITIA OPPENHEIM well connected?

At 8 December 2023 at 22:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In summary, Laurie Oppenheim and his wife, Laetitia, would appear to have worked with, or been otherwise associated personally or professionally with:

1. Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (‘black book’ entries).

2. Via The Honeypot children’s charity, Dame Esther Rantzen. The New Forest resident who once infamously took part in a photo op with JIMMY SAVILE, but never got around to reporting the “rumours” about him.

3. Via Marks and Spencer, the husband of Gabrielle Greenbury, JIMMY SAVILE’s charity partner at The Jimmy Savile Stoke Mandevile Hospital Trust, on the board of which Lady Greenbury and Savile were co-Trustees.

4. The cousin — Lord Jacob Rothschild — of the late Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, whose wife is linked to Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and JIMMY SAVILE. (Savile served as a non-executive director of Outward Bound Global until 1995; Lynn de Rothschild was appointed to the same charity’s board in 2001).

5. Via The Honeypot children’s charity, possibly Lee Amaitis of BGC Partners/Cantor Fitzgerald and Amaitis’ then boss Howard Lutnick, who was the late Jeffrey Epstein’s next-door-neighbour.

At 8 December 2023 at 22:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Laurie Oppenheim is the son of Charles Joseph Oppenheim and Anne Marie d'Estainville.

Laurie Oppenheim is married to the aristocratic Laetitia Guest Oppenheim, b. 1965, who would appear to be of Jewish ancestry, being a listed supporter of the Israeli charity ‘Jerusalem Peacebuilders’.

Laetitia Guest Oppenheim descends on her mother’s side from Joachim, 5th Prince Murat, a member of the Bonaparte-Murat dynasty of France.

She is also, moreover, the daughter of the late US Ambassador to Ireland, Raymond Richard Guest, a first cousin once removed of Winston Churchill!

Laetitia Guest Oppenheim owns, or has owned, an inherited share in the Powhatan Plantation in Virginia.

She also owns, or has owned, a property on Miraflores Drive in Palm Beqch, Florida with an assessed value of $4.7 million. We associate Palm Beach with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Laurie and Laetitia Oppenheim also own, or have owned, a London residence at 4 Tregunter Road SW10 (according to Debrett’s) valued at £16 million.

Laurie and Laetitia Oppenheim would also appear to own very significant real estate in France. At least one residence in Paris, at 17 Avenue Duquesne, and another property possibly in St Tropez (per the ‘black book’ entries).

These assumed French real estate holdings would accord with Laetitia’s aristocratic ancestry on her mother’s side.

Furthermore, the couple may also own, or have owned, property in Lonsdale Gardens, Tunbridge Wells, valued at £1.1 million, from which Laurie seemingly ran a consultancy.

Finally, in view of Laurie Oppenheim’s affiliation with The Honeypot children’s charity, the couple may own or rent property in the vicinity of the New Forest, likely near to the Rohschilds of Exbury.

Laurie and Laetitia Oppenheim’s adult children include Charles, Caroline and Lorna.


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