Monday 25 December 2023

There is also talk of his brother, King Charles III

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Did the alleged Mossad sexual blackmailers, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, get to the ‘pro-Israel’ British King?

New York federal judge Loretta Preska has ordered the opening of long-sealed documents in a lawsuit that Virginia Giuffre brought against Ghislaine Maxwell back in 2015.

This means that, in the coming weeks, as many as 170 VIPs could be identified publicly — many for the first time.

On Christmas Eve, German newspaper ‘Das Bild’ reported:

“In addition to England's Prince Andrew … there is also talk of his brother, King Charles III …”

Is Das Bild merely engaging in speculation?

OR, is it possible that King Charles III DID have substantive dealings with ‘Mossad sexual blackmailers’ Jeffrey Epstein and/or Ghislaine Maxwell?

Some episodes from Charles’ past:


“Ghislaine Maxwell took three young women to target men at a party in 2000 after a film premiere attended by [CHARLES] … [The incident occurred] in the Red Cube nightclub in London on November 22, 2000, during an after party for the Charlie's Angels screening. On the same night, next door at the Odeon Leicester Square, [Charles] attended the premiere … [and] had made a speech for THE PRINCE’S TRUST on the night.”


CHARLES’ “former aide has denied introducing a student to Jeffrey Epstein before the billionaire paedophile went on to abuse her. Eileen Guggenheim, the former PRINCE’S FOUNDATION VICE-CHAIR … was accused of encouraging a student to flirt with Epstein … Guggenheim originally denied ever being at [Epstein’s Zorro Ranch] but later said she had visited …”


“A spokesman for [CHARLES] previously confirmed he and SAVILE formed a friendship in the late 1970s”
Charles “met Savile on numerous occasions. In 1999 he accepted an invitation to a private meal at Savile’s Glencoe home … Charles reportedly sent him a box of cigars and a pair of gold cufflinks on his 80th birthday with a note that read: "Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy.”
BBC presenter Bill Oddie “said no-one spoke out because [Savile] was friends with [Charles]”


CHARLES “has a problematic history with another sex offender, Peter Ball …” “[Charles bought] Ball a house to live in, using the Duchy of Cornwall to purchase the property and then renting it out to Ball and his twin brother from 1995 to 2011.” “Just two months before Epstein's arrest, an independent review of the Ball case … criticized Charles for his ‘misguided’ relationship with the serial sex-abuser” “[Charles had] submitted a letter to the inquiry … and denied trying to influence the outcome of the investigation.”

King Charles III may have had substantive dealings with ‘the Mossad sexual blackmailers’? 

Das Bild:


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Happy New Year from the Dirty Duchy Resistance - Who Dares Kings?..1 & All on course to wake the force of the Gorse -Get Tinvolved & ShakeDown the CROWN @ Your Local Apocalympic gymnasium(abandoned Duchy outposts)..they are appearing like ACORN,s all across the Realm - happy hunting holograms x

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