Wednesday 27 December 2023

Lavrov - Ukraine - Palestine

Unknown commented -

Western elites ‘provoking crises’ around the globe, alleges Russia.

“The West is sowing chaos around the world … Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said …

“‘The world remains in a turbulent state. And one of the reasons for that is the ruling class in the West, which is provoking crises thousands of kilometers away from their own borders in order to achieve their own goals …’ Lavrov said …

“‘As the West keeps clinging to its diminishing dominance, no one is safe …’

“… Lavrov accused the West of instigating the Russia-Ukraine conflict through ‘the enlargement of NATO and by transforming Ukraine into an anti-Russian bulwark’.

“He also blamed the West for the ‘escalation’ between Israel and Palestine. Russia has been one of the countries calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza …”

Vote loser Starmer.


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