Wednesday 13 December 2023


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‘Genocide Joe’


“Yesterday I attended a session called by Palestine at the United Nations in Geneva. Over 120 states attended …

“I was able to discuss with a large number of delegates …. why the Genocide Convention has not been activated triggering a reference to the International Court of Justice.

“The answer is now clear to me.

“It is not that people are worried that a claim of genocide will not be successful at the International Court of Justice.

“It is that everybody is quite sure it will succeed.

“The problem is that once the ICJ has determined that this is a genocide, it follows that not only are Netanyahu and hundreds of senior Israeli officials and military personally liable, but it is absolutely plain that ‘Genocide Joe’ Biden, Sunak and members of their administrations are also criminally liable for complicity, having provided military support for the genocide.

“The International Criminal Court cannot ignore a judgment of genocide from the International Court of Justice and will have no choice but to issue arrest warrants.

“… [To] the global 1% … no number of dead Palestinians makes any real difference to their interests.

“On the other hand, the ramificiations for the international system of wealth concentration, if western political elites start to be held accountable for their crimes, are uncertain and therefore carry more risk …

“… [To] the world’s diplomats the enormity of a genocide appears less troubling than the enormity of doing something about it.”


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