Sunday 10 December 2023

Bolsonaro, Orbán, Zelensky were there


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Javier Milei sworn in as the very pro-Jewish President of Argentina

Bolsonaro, Orbán, Zelensky were there

Javier Milei gave a menorah to Zelensky during his inauguration as Argentina’s president

“[His inauguration] speech was in keeping with Milei’s unusual relationship with Judaism.”

He “was flanked by world leaders, including … Ukraine’s president, Volodymr Zelensky 

“… [On] the eve of his inauguration, Milei [also] met with a group of relatives of Israeli hostages … lighting the Hanukkah candles with them and Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen …”

“‘It is not by chance that this assumption takes place in the holiday of Hanukkah …’ Milei said …

“[He] has been studying with an Argentinean rabbi and has said he is interested in converting …

“He visited the grave of the Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi in New York City in his first trip abroad after being elected and has vowed to make Israel — where he promised to move Argentina’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem — his first foreign destination as president …

“… [In] one of his final public appearances before the election, Milei was seen waving an Israeli flag …”


Keir Starmer was not able to join Milei and Zelensky and Bolsonaro?

photo, Milei now with presidential sash, outgoing President Kirchner in red dress next to him

photo, Zelensky and Milei

photo from past
Milei getting blessed by rabbi's hand on his forehead


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