Wednesday 15 November 2023

"UK Conservative Party even more dead." 2

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'Millions of UK households have been resorting to desperate measures, such as turning off their fridges or freezers, in order to cope with the cost-of-living crisis, according to a study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

in October

- a quarter (2.8 million) of UK low-income households had incurred debts to pay for food
- a third had sold belongings to raise cash

- one in six had used so-called community ‘warm rooms’

- four out of five households on universal credit were going without food, switching off heating and not replacing worn-out clothing

Nearly a million households said that since May they had to disconnect their fridge or freezer for the first time

More than seven million households had gone without food and other essentials in the last six months'


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At 15 November 2023 at 05:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Piers Corbyn says October 7 was an Israeli 'false flag' operation

“[Piers Corbyn] was asked by the Campaign against Antisemitism (CAA) for his opinion on the attacks on October 7 …

“Asked about the attack, Piers said: 'I was suspicious from the start because the gates were clearly opened for soldiers to come in and they were let out. So the whole thing was done with the connivance of the government of Israel which used whatever happened as a pretext. 

“‘People died as a consequence because the Israeli government wanted it to happen. It was a false flag operation. That operation on that day was agreed at the highest level of the Israeli government because they let in these soldiers.’

“He went on to talk about 'baby beheadings that didn't happen' before [questioning] if the Israeli hostages …. are [actors].

“”He [suggested] Israel had invaded Gaza 'for oil', before comparing October 7 to Pearl Harbour - which he … claimed was also faked …”

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Starmer’s disgusting Gaza amendment – no ceasefire, just longer pauses

Starmer’s victim-blaming amendment still ‘reaffirms’ Israel’s actions but asks genocidal apartheid regime to pause a bit more than four hours

“The ‘two-state solution’ is a farce and a fiction pushed by politicians who support Israeli apartheid – what little remains of Palestine is too fragmented and the right-wing extremists running Israel are open in saying they have no intention of allowing Palestinians to operate a functional state …”

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Labour frontbenchers are warned they face the sack if they defy Keir Starmer to vote for Israeli ceasefire today

“[Labour]MPs have been ordered not to support an SNP call for an immediate end to fighting in the besieged enclave in the Commons this afternoon.

“The nationalists' Westminster leader Stephen Flynn has said Parliament must 'show moral leadership' and vote in favour of backing an immediate cessation of hostilities …

“Frontbenchers have instead been told to back Sir Keir's rival amendment calling for longer 'humanitarian pauses' rather than a ceasefire …

“A party source said: 'Mass resignations or sackings could well happen.

“‘It makes frontbenchers look silly if they've been calling for a ceasefire all this time then don't support the motion’ …


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