Thursday 16 November 2023

'Their sympathies lie on the Palestinian side …'

Unknown commented -

A YouGov survey “shows that a strong majority of people in Scotland say that their sympathies lie on the Palestinian side …

“Across the UK … young people … sympathise with Palestine by 46% to just 9% for Israel.

“Support for Israel is highest amongst over 65s, by 30% to 10%.

(Most of the over 65's do not realise that 'Churchill and Hitler were in the same Jewish led CABAL that started the 2 World Wars deliberately')

“I suspect it is related both to closeness of birth to the Second World War, and to a propensity to use mainstream media for news …

(The Zionist Daily Mail is endless lying propaganda?)

“… I have no doubt that in both Scotland and Ireland … instinctive support for the Palestinians is in part related to folk memory of dispossession from the land and colonial occupation …

“All three major England-based parties – the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats – openly support Israel and oppose efforts to halt the genocide …

“The Palestinian cause is popular in Scotland and in fighting it, we also fight racism. This is the moment to focus on working together on Palestine …

“Nothing is more fundamental than genocide, nothing is more urgent to prevent than genocide. Let us work together to prevent it.”

N.B. London would seem to be an outlier in England, having more in common with Scotland on the issue of genocidal Israel than with other parts of England.

According to the YouGov survey, a strong majority of Londoners say that their sympathies lie on the Palestinian side. This mirrors the sentiment in Scotland.

Assuming Scotland is one day able to assert its political independence, London should petition Edinburgh for permission to join the newly independent state as a non-contiguous territory?


At 16 November 2023 at 23:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

............. meanwhile, back to midazolam and the care homes.

Oh, that's right, when everyone is trying to Free Palestine, they forgot about the thousands of elderly locked up, starved to death and midazolamed.

I wonder what the next new thing clownworld will be supporting?

My barometer is stuck at the 12 position. Doesn't seem to be moving in an emotional sense. Maybe I'm just becoming dessensitized.

At 17 November 2023 at 07:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

FreeKernow/Cornwall - Shakedown the Crown -Dissolve theBalfour Scam -Arrest the Beast-Stop the Vaxx- Buy Bitcoin- Save Gaza - Drink Good Water - Discuss&Dance !


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