Thursday 16 November 2023

‘The most treacherous attacks in human history’

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Turkey's Erdogan labels Israel a 'terror state', slams its backers in West

“Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday Israel was a ‘terror state’ committing war crimes and violating international law in Gaza, sharpening his repeated criticism of Israeli leaders and their backers in the West.

“… Erdogan said Israel's military campaign … included ‘the most treacherous attacks in human history’ with ‘unlimited’ support from the West …

“He called for Israeli leaders to be tried for war crimes at the International Court of Justice in The Hague …

“Erdogan also called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to announce whether or not Israel had nuclear weapons …

“Ankara would also take steps to ensure Israeli settlers in occupied Palestinian territories are recognised as ‘terrorists’, he added …”


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US ignores Israeli war crimes: ex-official


“As the former director of congressional and public affairs at the State Department’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, [Josh Paul] helped oversee arms transfers to US allies like Israel for 11 years.

“‘It is my opinion that Israel is committing war crimes in its actions in Gaza right now.

“‘And it’s not just my opinion. I’ve actually heard from officials across government, including elected officials at a very senior level, who share that opinion but aren’t willing to say it in public,’ he said.

“Yet the United States keeps supplying weapons ‘where it was clear — and as we have seen — that they were going to be used to kill so many civilians,’ he said.

“‘Criticism of Israel is often seen as a third rail in American politics, particularly in Congress,’ Paul said. ‘And this is a deterrent to US officials to come out and say in public what they believe in private’ …

“… Washington has stood steadfast behind [Israel]. That includes bolstering the weapons pipeline to Israel’s military.

“In the past, there has been internal State Department debate on transferring US arms to … certain Israeli military units, Paul said. But no longer.

“‘There was no space for any discussion or debate around this concern, as there had been in every other issue I’ve been involved in …’ he said …”


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France slams Israeli settlers’ ‘policy of terror’

“France described Israeli settlers’ violence in the West Bank as a ‘policy of terror’ on Thursday.

“Foreign ministry spokesperson Anne-Claire Legendre told reporters that the bloodshed was deliberately intended to displace Palestinians …”

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UN rapporteur: ‘Israeli crimes against humanity could become genocide’

Francesca Albanese, the UN special rapporteur to the occupied Palestinian territories, said “there was a very real concern that Israel ‘might commit the crime of genocide against the Palestinian people’ …

“… [The] UN is experiencing its most epic political and humanitarian failure since its creation,’ she said …

“She said that Palestinian people had long been subject to a ‘violent structure of dispossession, confiscation of land, and forcible displacement’.

“‘When it is widespread and systemic is not just a war crime, it is a crime against humanity,’ she said …

“‘Since 1967, Israel has built 300 colonies which are a war crime in and of themselves in the occupied Palestinian territory,’ she said.

“‘This has meant establishing a system of structural violence made of dispossession, confiscation of land and forcible displacement of Palestinians’ …”

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'Spanish minister says Israel’s Netanyahu should be investigated for war crimes

'Ione Belarra, the leader of Spain’s left-wing Podemos party and the current acting minister of social rights, has called on the acting coalition government to petition the International Criminal Court (ICC) to open a war crimes investigation into Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, citing the on-going aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip and the devastating blockade that has prevented the free flow of desperately needed humanitarian aid.

‘Using the horrific murders of Israeli civilians by Palestinian armed factions as an excuse to justify Israel’s crimes in general and the massacre in Gaza in particular is unacceptable,’ Belarra said in a video statement posted to X (formerly Twitter) on Monday'

image minister with subtitled statement

above with also article lede and title


twitter x subtitled video via nitter


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