Thursday 30 November 2023

Strategy of Tension; Gladio

Unknown commented -

UK health chiefs issue guidance on what to do in a radiation emergency amid escalating WW3 fears

How to ensure that ‘just enough’ of the British electorate continue to ‘buy-in’ to the UK State’s role in the ceaseless global bloodshed?

How to guarantee that ‘just enough’ British citizens continue to provide ‘just enough’ of their tacit consent to the State’s warmongering without end?


— to the UK State’s continuous arming and bankrolling of bloodthirsty, corrupt, criminal, regimes?

— to the UK State’s ceaseless ‘othering’ of nations and populations outside the Anglo-Zionist club of the globalist oligarchics?

— to the incessant false flags?

— to the unending propaganda that masquerades as impartial news and fair commentary?

— to the distorted truths, half-truths, and downright UN-truths, of the MPs, ministers and shadow ministers, and the officials who serve the elite with their own lies?

-- to the psyops that must test the credulity of even the most incurious, bigoted, credulous or naive?

— to the UK State’s materially assisting genocide?


Answer: Strategy of Tension, folks.

Keep the scares n’ shocks coming.

Keep Joe Public perennially fretful, uneasy, confused, moderately stressed.

Alarm ‘em, worry ‘em, frighten ‘em, get ‘em riled up.

Frustrate ‘em, annoy ‘em. Anger ‘em if you can. Terrify ‘em when it suits the objective....


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