Wednesday 15 November 2023

Prince Andrew - Nygard


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Prince Andrew under new pressure to speak to FBI after third friend convicted over teenage sexual offences

“Prince Andrew faced fresh calls to speak to the FBI after the conviction of a third pal for teenage sexual offences.

“Fashion mogul Peter Nygard, who once had the Duke of York as his guest at his luxurious Caribbean mansion, was found guilty of charges in Canada.

“Spencer Kuvin, who represents multiple women abused by Wall Street financier Epstein, said:

“‘If Prince Andrew is innocent, he should provide a full interview to the FBI.

“‘His continued silence in the face of multiple close friends being convicted of sexual assault – Ghislaine Maxwell and now Peter Nygard – reeks of a guilty conscience’ …

“Nygard, 82, was convicted of four counts of sexual assault and will be sentenced at a later date.”


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