Tuesday 14 November 2023

Orban - Works for the CABAL?

Hungary's Viktor Orban works for the Nazi Jewish CABAL? 

Orban is rewriting Hungary's’s history of the Nazi years. 

In the Holocaust Remembrance Project Hungary's’s right-wing government has rehabilitated wartime figures as anti-communist icons.

It has inflated Hungary’s role in “saving” the Jews of Budapest and minimized discussion on their own complicity in deporting and killing Jews. 

State-appointed “historians” often depict their own people as victims of what they say was Jewish-supported communism.

Viktor Orbán's anti-Semitism problem - POLITICO.eu

Unknown commented -

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the leading EU 'rebel' against the Brussels establishment, but now one of the most eager EU supporters of Israel -

is said to have Roma ('Gypsy') roots, but now avoiding mentioning them

3 photos of Viktor Orbán in youth (born 1963), indeed looking quite Roma


From a Hungarian website, a 2017 statement ascribed to 13 Roma groups:

'In 1989 Gypsy leaders of the time agreed that several people needed to be selected from among the Roma in order to work for the advancement of our people.

The most promising was Viktor Orbán, in whom Roma leaders of the time saw the guardian of the ascension of the Gypsy community.

We supported Fidesz [Orban's party] with our votes at elections. [But] our situation slowly became one of despair.

Orban and Netanyahu

Viktor Orbán, who is no longer proud that his origins place him among us, has not only spat in the face of the Gypsy community, but also in that of several million Hungarians who have been forced into poverty.'



At 15 November 2023 at 01:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In eastern EU countries, Viktor Orbán is often referred to with a chuckle, by the nickname 'The Gypsy King' ... seems it is more than just a joke


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