Monday 13 November 2023

Naim Dangoor, Iraqi Jew

Naim Dangoor (left)

Sir Naim DangoorCBE (1914 – 2015) was a British-naturalised Iraqi-born Jewish entrepreneur.

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Naim Dangoor sought $120 billion reparations-

“The elderly Iraqi Jew announced his intention to reclaim some $120 billion from Iraq's future government.

“Naim Dangoor, 89, says the country owes his people for the calamity that befell the world's oldest and wealthiest Jewish community when radical Arab nationalists began ruling Iraq after World War II.

“Today, descendants of Iraq's Jews are scattered around the globe.

“They include such influential business leaders as the SAATCHIs of London, the KADOORIE family of Hong Kong and the JORDACHE and SASSOON clothing clans of the United States …

“Across North America and Europe, thousands of Iraqi exiles have been filling out forms prepared by WOJAC, the World Organization for Jews of Arab Countries, to be compiled for a possible class-action suit. Some 25,000 forms have already been archived by Israel's Justice Ministry.”

David Dangoor (son of Naim) “is known to fund the Islamophobic Henry Jackson Society, The Board of Deputies, the normalization operation ‘Nisa-Nashim’, and The Jerusalem Foundation, which builds in Israel’s [illegal] settlements, including in Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah.”


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