Wednesday 29 November 2023


Anthony Hurndall, father of volunteer killed by ISRAELI forces in 2003, warns Israel that unless it recognises it's 'fundamentally unethical and inhuman attitudes' towards Gaza bombardment it will lose Western support.

 Tom Hurndall was shot by an Israeli sniper while trying to help a child in Gaza

Tom had been volunteering in Gaza as part of the International Solidarity Movement

The barrister said the shooting of his son, Tom Hurndall, was an example of how the Jewish state's military can sometimes target the wrong people and make up evidence to justify its actions.

The IDF made a number of false claims about TOM and his actions, which were later debunked.

Writing in the Times today, Mr Hurndall said he saw parallels between the falsehoods told about his son and the information given to the press by the Israeli military during its ongoing operation in Gaza.

Tom Hurndall was fatally shot by an Israeli sniper in the Gaza Strip in 2003 while he tried to help a Palestinian child


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