Monday 13 November 2023

How Israel buries Palestinian history

You are next?


At 13 November 2023 at 08:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

DANGOOR: ‘The U.K. based supreme leader of Babylonian Jews’

Naim Dangoor, a British-naturalised Iraqi-born Jew, revived for himself and his descendants the title of EXILARCH — “an ancient title held by the supreme leader of all the Jewish communities in Babylonia”.

The current Exilarch is one of his sons: British property developer David Dangoor CBE, the managing director of Monopro Ltd

David Dangoor, in turn, has a son named Daniel.

Daniel Dangoor has just taken over as Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Union of Jewish Students (as of September).

Daniel Dangoor “… has worked in his family's property business since 2010 …

“In due course, he is likely to have a significant impact on the lives of thousands of Jewish students [in the UK]…,” according to his predecessor.

At 13 November 2023 at 08:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


The Jewish Israeli mystic, and anti-Christian polemicist, Doreen Bell-Dotan, alleges:

“The Rothschild family, whose influence I am certainly not minimising … are NOT the bosses; they are upper level management …

“… [Like] all upper level management, [they] have stock in the ownership.

“But there is a level above them.”

“The three families [above the Rothschilds] are:

1. [The DANGOOR family] — David Dangoor (dragon)

2. [The SASSOON family]… and

3. [The KADOORIE family], who we don’t hear very much about at all.”

At 13 November 2023 at 08:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doreen Bell Dotan further contends:

“Long before the upstart Bauers changed their name to Rothschild, there was Dangoor, Sassoon (Sasson), and Kadoorie.

“They are from Babylon, of Babylon, and those who perpetuate Babylon.

“The Exilarchs are they who rule over the exile.

“They do so by having armies of duped and unsuspecting Jews learning Babylonian Talmud …

“The Rothschild family's fortune is contingent upon the physical laws of Babylon which these ‘wizards’, for lack of a better term, know how to create and sustain — by enslaving Jews to learning the Babylonian Talmud.

“That world order is Babylon …

“They wrote the Babylonian Talmud …

“The Hebrew term for ‘the Exilarch’ also means the capstone — literally, ‘top of the heap of stones’.

“The Exilarchs fancy themselves descendants of King David …

“They also devised Christianity.”

At 13 November 2023 at 08:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to Professor David Miller, “one of the world’s leading academic experts on Islamophobia”:

“Property developer David Dangoor … donates to the Islamophobic Henry Jackson Society, the CST [the Community Security Trust], and various interfaith groups dedicated to Zionist penetration of the Muslim community …”

At 13 November 2023 at 09:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Exilarch welcomes Prince Charles — now King Charles — to Israel’s 70th birthday Celebrations at the Royal Albert Hall.

The Exilarch David Dangoor also serves as one of the King’s Deputy Lieutenants (‘DL’).

Other Deputy Lieutenants have included Lady Virginia Bottomley; Lord Leon Brittan; Lord Bramall and Gen. Sir Hugh Beach; Cyril Smith and Lord David Steel; Dame Shirley Porter and Dr Paul Knapman.

The now King Charles with David and Naim Dangoor:

At 13 November 2023 at 09:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Daniel Dangoor lives in North London with his boyfriend, Jonny.”

At 13 November 2023 at 09:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dangoor family gives largest-ever donation to world's oldest think tank

The donation, totaling some £2million, is being made through the family's charitable foundation, The Exilarch's Foundation

“The wealthy Dangoor family is giving the largest ever donation to the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI), the oldest defense and security think tank in the world.

“The donation, totaling some £2 million, is being made through the family's charitable foundation, The Exilarch's Foundation, which has in the past given financial support, guidance or has outright initiated several causes in both the UK and Israel …

“RUSI promotes study into security, defense and military doctrine, but has in recent years expanded into financial and organized crime; terrorism and ideologies that foster terrorism; and natural disasters.”

At 13 November 2023 at 15:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Dangoor “is known to fund the Islamophobic Henry Jackson Society — … The Board of Deputies — the normalization operation ‘Nisa-Nashim’ — and The Jerusalem Foundation, which builds in Israel’s [illegal] settlements, including in Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah.”

At 13 November 2023 at 15:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Naim Dangoor seeks $120 billion reparation [June 2003, immediately following the US-UK invasion of Iraq]

“An elderly Iraqi Jew has announced his intention to reclaim some $120 billion from Iraq's future government, a report said Monday.

“Naim Dangoor, 89, says the country owes his people for the calamity that befell the world's oldest and wealthiest Jewish community when radical Arab nationalists began ruling Iraq after World War II.

“Today, descendants of Iraq's Jews are scattered around the globe.

“They include such influential business leaders as the SAATCHIs of London, the KADOORIE family of Hong Kong and the JORDACHE and SASSOON clothing clans of the United States …

“Across North America and Europe, thousands of Iraqi exiles have been filling out forms prepared by WOJAC, the World Organization for Jews of Arab Countries, to be compiled for a possible class-action suit. Some 25,000 forms have already been archived by Israel's Justice Ministry.”


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