Thursday 16 November 2023

David DePape found guilty


Unknown commented-

David DePape found guilty in federal trial over Paul Pelosi hammer attack

What really happened to Paul Pelosi?

“To start: I don't know what happened that night at the Pelosi house, and neither do you … But I've got questions …

“First, how is it that the Pelosis didn't have better security? … They're worth over $100 million. Nancy Pelosi is third in line to the presidency …

“Second … half the homeowners in America have a Ring camera. Surely the super-wealthy Pelosis have security cameras around their house, yes? Can we see the security video? If not, why not?

“Third, [an] overhead shot of the Pelosi house shows a smashed glass door, allegedly from DePape trying to get into the house. The problem is the broken glass is outside, not inside … How do you break glass to get into a house, but the shards fall outside the house?

“And fourth, in initial reports police spoke of being let into the house by a third person. The San Francisco police chief said … that this unidentified third person let police into the house. Who is the third man (or woman)? …

“Things aren't adding up in this story …”


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