Thursday 2 November 2023

Biden’s support for Israel’s war on Palestine could cost him reelection

Biden' bad guys?

Good news - Beastly Biden  may be booted out!

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Biden’s support for Israel’s war on Palestine could cost him reelection

“Democrats in Michigan have warned the White House that President Joe Biden’s handling of [Israel’s war on Palestine] could cost him enough support within the Arab American community to sway the outcome of the 2024 election …

“Michigan holds the largest concentration of Arab Americans in the nation …

“Electoral college math … [makes] it hard to envision a scenario for Biden to win reelection that doesn’t include Michigan.”


At 2 November 2023 at 14:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


MailOnline, The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday — crude Zionist psyops closely linked to the intelligence community — are the essential pillars of media conglomerate The Daily Mail and General Trust (formerly “Associated Newspapers”)

The chairman and controlling shareholder is JONATHAN HARMSWORTH, the 4th Viscount Rothermere.

Jonathan’s father, Vere Harmsworth, was a participant in THE CLUB OF THREE and a “longstanding friend” of its ultra Zionist founder, LORD WEIDENFELD *.

Lord Weidenfeld founded The Club of Three in 1996 with the help of fellow ultra Zionist, LORD JACOB ROTHSCHILD (about whom Ghislaine Maxwell’s victim Maria Farmer has made certain allegations), and Lord Robert Alexander QC, who studied Law at Cambridge at the same time as Leon Brittan.

Lord Weidenfeld is famous not only for his partnership with Lord Rothschild.

For Weidenfeld also once served as the political adviser and Chief of Cabinet to the first President of Israel.

Weidenfeld subsequently married Jane Sieff, daughter of the Zionist Lord Israel Sieff, part of the family that controlled Marks and Spencer.

Lord Weidenfeld also founded the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) in 2006.

The ISD “gives policy advice and publishes articles on hate, extremism, and disinformation”. Its main activities are related to “counter-terrorism and the fight against Islamist radicalisation” [sic].

The ISD works on funded projects with organisations including Bill Gates’ Microsoft.

“Notable sources of foundation support include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation … and [George Soros’] Open Society Foundation.”

DR WOLFGANG ISCHINGER serves on The Club of Three’s steering group.

Previously, Ischinger served on the board of the Alfred Herrhausen Society of Deutsche Bank with Jeffrey Epstein’s associates Lord Peter Mandelson, Lady Lynn de Rothschild and Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann. Deutsche Bank executives approved Jeffrey Epstein as a client in 2013 and then kept working with him.

NILS TAUBE was a Club of Three participant. He is the late business partner of George Soros, and until 1996 was Lord Rothschild’s principal investment manager.

DAME PAULINE JONES, the former Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee and Minister for Security and Counter-Terrorism, has been a Club of Three participant.

NICHOLAS POWELL has also been a Club of Three participant.

In 1991 Powell was posted to the British Embassy in Washington and attached himself to Bill Clinton's Presidential campaign as an observer.

He went on to serve as Blair’s chief of staff in the 9-11 era, from 1997-2007.

It was he who reportedly introduced Tony Blair to Bill Clinton, the longtime friend of ultra Zionist ‘business partners’ Jeffrey Epstein and Lady Lynn de Rothschild, whose honeymoon with Evelyn de Rothschild the Clintons accommodated at The White House.

Mr. Blair later served as the official envoy of the ‘Quartet on the Middle East’ — lobbying European powers to drop their support for Palestine’s bid for statehood.

He was described as “closer to an Israeli diplomat than a neutral negotiator."


At 2 November 2023 at 15:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

CRIAIG MURRAY: “A textbook case of genocide”

“The resignation letter of Craig Mokhiber, Director of the New York Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, has gone viral on social media but most posts only show page one.

“Here is the full four page letter.”


Craig Mokhiber, Director of the New York Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, letter of resignation:

“This is a textbook case of genocide. The European, ethno-nationalist, settler colonial project in Palestine has entered its final phase, toward the expedited destruction of the last remnants of indigenous Palestinian life in Palestine.

“What's more, the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, and much of Europe, are wholly complicit in the horrific assault.

“… [They] are in fact actively arming the assault, providing economic and intelligence support, and giving political and diplomatic cover for Israel’s atrocities.

“In concert with this, WESTERN CORPORATE MEDIA, INCREASINGLY CAPTURED AND STATE-ADJACENT, are in open breach of Article 20 of the ICCPR, continuously dehumanizing Palestinians to facilitate the genocide, and broadcasting propaganda for war and advocacy of national, racial, or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility, and violence.

“US-BASED SOCIAL MEDIA COMPANIES are suppressing the voices of human rights defenders while amplifying pro-Israel propaganda …

“In recent decades, key parts of the UN have surrendered to the power of the US, and to fear of the Israel Lobby …

“And let us remember as well, that the UN itself carries the original sin of helping to facilitate the dispossession of the Palestinian people by ratifying the European settler colonial project that seized Palestinian land and turned it over to the colonists …

“… [In] spite of Israel lobby smears to the contrary … criticism of Israel’s human rights violations is not antisemitic, any more than criticism of Saudi violations is Islamophobic, criticism of Myanmar violations is anti-Buddhist, or criticism of Indian violations is anti-Hindu …

“We must stop the pretense that this is simply a conflict over land or religion between two warring parties and admit the reality of the situation in which a disproportionately powerful state is colonizing, persecuting, and dispossessing an indigenous population on the basis of their ethnicity …

“We must support the establishment of a single, democratic, secular state in all of historic Palestine, with equal rights for Christians, Muslims, and Jews, and, therefore, the dismantling of the deeply racist, settler-colonial project and an end to apartheid across the land …

“We must reaffirm and insist on the right to return and full compensation for all Palestinians and their families currently living in the occupied territories, in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and in the diaspora across the globe …

“We must advocate for the removal and destruction of Israel’s massive stockpiles of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons …

“We must recognize that the US and other western powers are in fact not credible mediators, but rather actual parties to the conflict who are complicit with Israel …

“In the immediate term, we must work for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the longstanding siege on Gaza, stand up against the ethnic cleansing of Gaza, Jerusalem, and the West Bank (and elsewhere), document the genocidal assault in Gaza, [and] help to bring massive humanitarian aid and reconstruction to the Palestinians …”


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