Sunday 22 October 2023

World Jewish Congress President Lauder

Pope Francis meets with World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder at the Vatican on Oct. 19, 2023.

Unknown commented -

Historic opening of the first-ever Jewish representative office on Vatican property underscores deepening Jewish-Catholic ties

“… World Jewish Congress (WJC) president Ronald S. Lauder met today with Pope Francis …

“The pope called for the release of all (alleged) hostages and concern about their fate. He has also previously acknowledged Israel’s right to self-defense [sic] …

“The meeting dovetailed with the inauguration of the World Jewish Congress’ representative office to the Holy See, marking the establishment of the first-ever liaison office of a Jewish organization on Vatican property and signifying deepening Jewish-Catholic ties …”

(Was the Vatican friendly with the Nazis?)


At 22 October 2023 at 19:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This only matters if Lauder presumed the right to give the head of the Catholic Church orders/instructions. I couldn't care who meets the Pope unless they say: 'do what the Jews tell you or else!'


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