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Raising his children as Jewish

Declassified UK - Keir Starmer joined secretive CIA ...

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Keir Starmer faces Labour backlash over support for Israel

“Sir Keir Starmer is facing vitriolic attack from within Labour over his support for Israel – with one prominent figure accusing the party leader of 'enabling a war crime' …

“The backlash has been so great that Labour insiders claim Sir Keir has ordered a seat-by-seat analysis to assess if it could have an impact on chances of winning the election …”

Loudon Road, St Johns Wood

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UK Labour Party leader Keir Starmer is raising his children as Jewishand is an active Member with his wife and kids of the same London synagogue favoured by "youth champions" Lady Lynn de Rothschild and Esther Rantzen. 

-This  is something that Sir Keir and his top associates (Lord Mandelson, etc.) effectively "CONCEALED" from the public domain, before, and during, the April 2020 Labour leadership contest.

Need-to-know basis only. Details under metaphorical lock and key! For reasons known only to those concerned in making these strategic decisions. What a mystery.

By complete and perplexing contrast:

Starmer and wife.

Very soon *AFTER* Sir Keir WON the 2020 leadership contest and vanquished his challengers, the newly installed Leader and his top advisers (Lord Mandelson, etc.) abruptly became TREMENDOUSLY keen to TRUMPET Sir Keir's IMMERSION in Judaism and Zionism to Jewish and Zionist audiences in Britain, the USA, and Israel!

Including -- even, perhaps, especially -- by using niche Jewish media outlets to highlight Starmer's rediscovered Jewishness.

These outlets now, fairly regularly, carry features alluding to Sir Keir's Jewish faith and family: sometimes with accompanying photographs.

As if to "guarantee" that Sir Keir really is "kosher", an "honorary member of the tribe", a true Zionist -- after he effectively "concealed" his Zionist credentials for months and years while scaling the greasy pole of British politics.

 Why did "Jewish" and "atheist" Sir Keir fail to prosecute "Jewish" and "Catholic" career pedophile and sex trafficker, Sir James Vincent "Jimmy" Savile?

Lady Victoria -- Sir Keir's long "hidden" wife -- barely "existed" at all prior to and during the 2020 Labour leadership contest . At least insofar as Labour members and the wider electorate were aware!

All thanks to Sir Keir's *former* passion for privacy where his family and private life were concerned. A supposedly "moral" stance -- that he unceremoniously threw out of the window post April 2020.

Victoria Starmer was a veritable myth, a rarely spotted and barely acknowledge unicorn! Rumoured to exist, but rarely if ever alluded to by her esteemed husband, or the mainstream media (much less named or photographed), either before or during the April 2020 Labour leadership contest.

A closely-guarded "secret", just like Sir Keir's Jewish-Zionist self identification.

NOT to be disclosed in a public forum until *after* Sir Keir won the leadership contest and crushed his challengers by branding them "anti-semites".

Starmer is a member of the TRILATERAL COMMISSION, which has been linked to 9 11. Above - Starmer (centre) with then US secretary of state Mike Pompeo (R) and then US ambassador to Britain, Woody Johnson, in London, 21 July 2020. Declassified UK - Keir Starmer joined secretive CIA ...

Only *after* Sir Keir triumphed in April 2020, did he and his top advisers (Lord Mandelson, etc.) abruptly move to "shouting" about Starmer's Jewish faith, family, and agenda, to select audiences, at every conceivable opportunity.

Niche Jewish media outlets now seem to run features about "Jewish" Sir Keir on a fairly regular basis.

What a dramatic change of heart Sir Keir has had, post April 2020, about keeping his private life out of the public domain.


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Keir Starmer discusses the meaning of Rosh Hashanah in synagogue


"Starmer is seen wearing a kippah as he talks to two Jewish leaders, Rabbi Gabriel Botnick and Rabbi Rose Prevezer of Belsize Square Synagogue ...

"The Leader of the Opposition, whose wife has a Jewish family background, ends by saying 'Shana Tova.'"

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Keir Starmer ‘a ruthless bastard’ whose real plans ‘are still in disguise’

“A Westminster veteran who speaks regularly to him said: ‘[…] He has become a ruthless bastard …’

In autumn 2021, Starmer and Peter Mandelson’s protege, Morgan McSweeney, “plotted their boldest move — changing party rules to reduce the power of members to elect the leader … The plan had to be sprung at the last moment …

“McSweeney told him: ‘We’ve got our party back’ …

“The other big move … was a ruthless reshuffle in May 2021 … replacing his shadow chancellor, Anneliese Dodds, with Rachel Reeves … a former Bank of England official …

“Starmer’s [September 2023 reshuffle] was billed as a return of the Blairites … He has learnt from Blair ...”

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Perhaps the next article about "Friend of Israel" Sir Keir in a niche Jewish media outlet could delve into the quintessential Zionist riddle, as follows! :-

1. Why did "Jewish" and "atheist" Sir Keir fail to prosecute "Jewish" and "Catholic" career pedophile and sex trafficker, Sir James Vincent "Jimmy" Savile?

2. With respect to Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild -- whose Jewish marriage to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild took place at Sir Keir's synagogue in London with their mutual mate Lord Mandelson as a guest of honour:

Why did de Rothschild reportedly fly *multiple times* with Jeffrey Epstein on the pedophilic-sex-trafficking-sexual-blackmailer's private jet?

And why on earth were Lynn and the aforementioned Jimmy Savile (see #1 above) both on the Board of directors of Prince Philip's "Outward Bound" youth charity... along with their friend/alleged "mark" Prince Andrew... and Lord William Hague's wife?

What unholy mysteries.

Declassified UK - Keir Starmer joined secretive CIA ...

3. Finally, in respect of Sir Keir's top Adviser (and the very close friend of Lady de Rothschild and Jeffrey Epstein) -- Lord Peter Mandelson:

WHY did "Petie" join the close-knit friendship group of Epstein, de Rothschild, Ghislaine Maxwell, Bill Clinton, and Kevin Spacey -- visiting Jeffrey Epstein in prison, in Manhattan, and in Paris; befriending Prince Andrew through the NSPCC; and allegedly steering the predatory, half-witted, royal into Epstein's and Maxwell's pedophilic honey-trap?; and then buzzing around Kevin Spacey just when complainants have *alleged* that they were preyed upon at London's Old Vic (where the de Rothschild's were a presence)?


At 22 October 2023 at 00:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

New 911 documentary. Looks pretty good.

At 22 October 2023 at 19:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very easy to force Starmer to answer the question: 'Do you put the interests of rich Zionist Jews ahead of the interests of 99% of your countryfolk, none of whom are Jewish? Does this tell the electorate that you think the UK should be run for the benefit of a 1% minority???'


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