Tuesday 31 October 2023

Palestinians from Gaza to Sinai in exchange for cancelation of portion of Egypt's foreign debt.

Unknown commented -

There are reports that Egypt is considering a deal proposed by Israel that would allow for the forced displacement of Palestinians from Gaza to Sinai in exchange for the cancelation of a significant portion of Egypt's foreign debt.

It could be as many as 1000000. No doubt BlackRock will be kind enough to reduce some of their percentage points of their usury.


The President of Egypt is said to be Jewish.

Sissi's 'Jewish Mom': Rare Egypt Protests Chip at Leader's ...


2 Oct 2019 — This week, two purportedly authentic documents were circulating on social media. Both listed Sissi's mother as a Moroccan Jew named Malika ...


At 1 November 2023 at 03:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So 1 million Palestinians are traded as slaves between the Israeli fascists and the indebted Egyptian satrapies?

When will Israel be censured for seeing 1 million human beings as tradable fodder???

At 7 November 2023 at 05:24 , Blogger llifthrasir said...

Maroccan jew? As descending from jews deported by Isabella of Spain? Or otherwise.They were well integrated in Maroc as in Algeria. Listen to the Orthodox american jewish rabbi speaking about that in MSM. In Israel they are discriminated. Ashkenazi dominating the entire population to adapt to their values even to their style of clothing. Now 2000 Ultra Orthodox young men enlisted in the IDF, from which they were exempt. Posting how extremely glad they are to be in the IDF. On the other hand breaking the Silence vids from 6 years ago and some ex IDF whistleblowers. Tapes about 1967, banned for 30 years by Israel, made my veterans who fought, shown in a docu airing on dutch tv some years ago. Relating warcrimes, deportation etc. etc. They went round many Kibbutzes to spread that news. I am currently watching this amazing very interesting docu. Oldest origin biblical Yahweh are shocking. I knew those texts are all compilations, borrowed from other peoples, cultures etc. I knew many figures cannot be proven to have existed in history or in said timephrame. The Tea Tephi myth in Ireland fully debunked by Irish historians. Zecharia Sitchin also fully debunked at admitting to falsifying on his deathbed. Elohim is plural, are the Sidhe, are the Tuatha Dé. Arrived in Ireland in Spaceships and left through ancient Stargates in the Ocean. The Danann later add. Falsifying. Leading to j's claiming everything in EU with Den, Dan, Danann etc. in it stems from Dan, son of Jacob. Also french Huguenots, My ancestors. Timephrame with Denmark does not Correlate. Tuatha Dé Danann the Danann later added. Danube not related. etc. etc. The fraud is extremely complicated. If said docu is true than all DNA relation even the not even 5 % to israelites is nil. In the bible J commanded to genocide Canaanites. Never happened. That DNA present in Palestinians in a significant percentage. They are exterminating bloodlines. Can that be targeted? We are all aware our data are everywhere. Can our ancestry have been calculated to the exact percentage? All those DNA tests also very popular but total nonsense. 20 generations before we each have 10 thousand ancestors. Or was it 10 million. Mixed, mingled, inter marriages etc. etc. A french soldier laying with a friesian daughter of the baker in Texel f.i. Grandmother and grandfather ancestors both huguenots but from different regions.


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