Wednesday 18 October 2023

Hospital Attack

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Netanyahu controls Washington?

Biden says that he believes the Hospital attack was a Hamas rocket that bounced off the Iron dome & hit the hospital. 

Except the original Israeli explanation was a weapons depot hidden at the hospital blew up. 

So how is it that Israeli intelligence FAILED again for 4 hours when the first news hit? 

Joint Direct Attack Munition JDAM

They changed their story to Hamas missile hours later when Internet posts showed it had the sound of a JDAM & the look of a JDAM & the destruction was that of a JDAM.



Missile attack on Gaza Hospital JDAM missile confirmed here: 

(1) Hamas rockets are too small to do that kind of damage, especially a 'piece of a rocket' as said by some Israelis

(2) Military experts viewing video recognise the sound as likely a type of high-tech guided 'JDAM', Joint Direct Attack Munition', which only the Israelis have in that war theatre, and also meaning the target was intentional.

The JDAM is a 'kit' on the missile also changing its aerodynamics etc making for a distinctive whistle sound - looks like this


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post ' Israel kills 500 in Gaza hospital 'massacre'':

smoking gun on the Gaza hospital attack

one of the videos in Gaza happened to catch the jet flare of the Israeli bombing plane

at same time at another location in the city, rockets were being fired by Hamas at Israel, in the direction opposite, AWAY from the hospital, also in video

you see the flare of the Israeli jet as it races away as the hospital bomb it dropped, explodes

photo of two images from video with text, hospital bomb blast is in middle on bottom photo, Israeli jet flare up high and a bit to left ... top photo shows clearly that Hamas rockets were heading the opposite way

watch the video here without sound, 17 seconds

or on Twitter X via Nitter, with additional content below

timestamp is off by an hour, as common in lazy camera settings

Israeli propaganda had an alleged 'taped surveillance conversation' of Arabs supposedly admitting it was a Hamas blast ... but people note that Arab voices / accents were 'off', and tape was in stereo which is not found in 'phone tap' etc recordings

You can listen to it here, compare first the Gaza hospital strike, then a JDAM test

U contamination is a possibility & radiation free to air should be assessed. This is the MACH 1 missile striking the Gaza Hospital link -


At 19 October 2023 at 00:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Video from Rumble features testimonies from IDF operatives and questions about the recent Hama's invasion.

At 19 October 2023 at 15:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"An American airstrike on that Gaza hospital is not implausible and, ominously, there are Jewish pilots in the U.S. Navy. Thus, perfectly timed with the hospital air-strike, Biden was on his way to Tel Aviv, where he gets his campaign funds as two USN aircraft waited offshore from nearby Lebanon. How do suggest such counter-theories against the drivel from CNN and ABC? Logic.
Bidens wedded to Zion
Question: Why is Joe Biden, a nominal Irish Catholic, so pro-Israel to the point of being dis-invited by Jordan’s super-hospitable King Abdullah II and the lame-duck aid recipient Mahmud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority? Answer: Uncle Joe’s three children are/were married to Jews. His late elder son Beau’s Yid wife is Hallie nee Olivere. Ashley Biden’s spouse is Jewish doctor Howard Krein. The rogue Hunter’s second wife Melissa Cohen aka “Batya” is a sworn South African Yid foe of Dutch Protestant Boer anti-Semitic sentiment straight out of a far-right synagogue, betcha didn’t know that. And uh-oh, the First Lady’s maiden name is Jill Jacobs, as in Jacob’s ladder and she’s not part of a Christian congregation."


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