Wednesday 25 October 2023


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Turkish President Erdogan says Western support for Israel now is 'a state of mental illness'

Erdogan promises to do 'whatever necessary diplomatically AND MILITARILY' in Gaza

Remix News:

'Erdoğan praises Hamas as ‘group of mujahideen defending their lands,’ calls West’s support for Israel a ‘state of mental illness’

Erdoğan claimed that Hamas isn’t a terror group but a patriotic organization defending its people ... as Turkey further distances itself from the European Union.

The president received a standing ovation from his party’s lawmakers for his remarks.

The Kremlin confirmed that Putin had told Erdoğan that Moscow and Ankara largely agree on the Israel-Palestinian issue, Reuters reported'

Türkiye News:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ... said that Türkiye would provide political and military support to end the attacks on Gaza as soon as possible.

Erdogan at the AK Party group meeting:

"We will continue to shout the truth and take political and, if necessary, military measures.

"We are ready to be the guarantor of the Palestinian side with our political and military presence."

Erdogan said that an independent Palestinian state must be established in order to achieve peace in the region.

The Turkish President emphasized that almost half of those who lost their lives in the attacks on Gaza were children.


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