Saturday 14 October 2023

Eichman, Gaza ...

Unknown commented on "Some say you 

(Israelis ) are lying"

The Covid 19 scheme was orchestrated by ISRAEL and her agents all around the world. 

To now be expected to feel sorry for these mass killers is quite beyond belief.

Eichman's body double and Eichman. 

The C.I.A. knew where Eichmann was hiding, documents show

C.I.A. Knew Where Eichmann Was Hiding, Documents Show 

The C.I.A. and West German intelligence knew that Eichmann was living in Argentina under the name Clemens, aka Ricardo Klement.

Israel's Mossad reportedly did not want to bother Eichman, who was reportedly Jewish.

HOLOCAUST / Eichmann was Jewish.

In 1962, a man who appears to be Eichman's body double was put on trial in Israel.

"The West German government was wary of exposing Eichmann because officials feared what he might reveal about such figures as Hans Globke, a former Nazi government official then serving as a top national security adviser to Chancellor Konrad Adenauer."

C.I.A. Knew Where Eichmann Was Hiding, Documents Show 


At 14 October 2023 at 12:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Starmer’s comments on Israel are ‘grotesque’, activist says

At 14 October 2023 at 13:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

— 🇮🇱/🇵🇸/🇮🇷 BREAKING: Iran has sent a warning message to Israel through the UN saying that Iran will have to intervene if the IDF launches a ground operation in Gaza - Walla / Axios

At 14 October 2023 at 16:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In more complex thinking about the 'New World Order', there are two items that at first seemed surprising to many people.

One of them is the decline or break-up or collapse of the USA, which the world may take as a 'victory' when it really just might be part of the script leading to an NWO led by perhaps China, Russia and others.

The second surprising item, is a sudden discrediting and collapse of the Zionist Israeli state ... making way for an NWO in which Jews will still be prominent, but on a 'globalist' basis, with not even 'Jewish nationalism'.

The late anti-corruption Israeli rebel Barry Chamish (1952-2016) used to say he expected a sudden 'surprise' end to Israel, in something like the bloody scenario unfolding now, the supposed 'strength' of Israel evaporating as it was attacked on several fronts.

Considering that 'nuclear weapons' may not exist at all ... maybe the Iranians have now figured that out as well, that there is no 'Samson Option' to fear?


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