Monday 16 October 2023


Unknown commented on "Russia and Turkey versus Israel-USA?"

China would potentially support its longtime ally, Russia.

At which point - depending on China’s level of involvement and support developing countries worldwide, including in South Asia (India), Africa, and Latin America, may conclude that they’d be better off ‘divorcing’ the West and aligning with the China-Russia axis on the issue of Palestine-Israel and potentially other issues as well.

(Reportedly, Israel controls India's leadership, by stirring up anti Moslem feeling - Aangirfan)

The actual or tacit support that many developing countries traditionally give to the ‘Western imperialists’ seems to be less a matter of shared principles or ideology, and more a case of it seeming to be in their economic interests. You normally want to keep the ‘big boys’ — the bullies, if you like — on side.

But as China continues to exert more global influence and the China-Russia alliance becomes more important, the calculus for some developing countries is likely to change.

China and Russia harden positions on Gaza


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