Wednesday 20 September 2023


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'EU Chief Von der Leyen's husband is a vax maker'

"Booster Jab is a money-grab ... Vax-pushing EU chief Von der Leyen's husband is an executive in the COVID-19 vaccine business, and there are major crimes being committed by her and the EU over this.

"There are already court filings in Europe, which EU media and EU NGOs - nearly all in Soros' pocket - are trying to hide.

"It's also coming out that Von der Leyen - Germany's former defence minister - is pushing for the war, and killing all those tens of thousands of untrained Ukrainians dying in the minefields - apparently to enrich her friends in the weapons industries."

Article on Southfront covering some of this too


At 21 September 2023 at 11:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Further evidence that there is massive senseless slaughter of Ukrainians, are the public statements of Ukraine military commanders that those conscripted in the later stages of the war, are suffering over 80% casualties.

Ukraine commanders report that, after being drafted, "Out of 100 people who joined units, 10-20 remained, the rest dead, wounded or disabled."

There should be a name for this specific kind of war crime ... sending troops to almost certain death or maiming, with little training and almost zero hope of achieving anything.


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