Wednesday 6 September 2023

UK Column News - 4th September 2023


At 6 September 2023 at 07:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Top Mandelson protege David Miliband angling for perpetuation of war in Ukraine

Miliband is expected to return to frontline U.K. politics next year in Keir Starmer’s first cabinet

David Miliband (DM) is extremely close to Jeffrey Epstein’s business associate and friend, Lord Mandelson. Indeed Lord Mandelson’s choice to take over from Gordon Brown as leader of the U.K. Labour Party was… David Miliband.

To that end, in 2010, Mandelson had his godson Joe Carbery act as DM’s adviser: helping DM mount his ill-fated campaign for the Labour leadership.

Miliband has remained very close to Jeffrey Epstein’s colleague: including through the Centre for European Reform (CER) that Miliband helped found, and to which Mandelson has ever since been a regular contributor.


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