Thursday 21 September 2023

Tide turning on Ukraine ... Zelensky 'may leave Washington empty-handed'


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Tide turning on Ukraine ... Zelensky 'may leave Washington empty-handed'

'NATO fractures ... Poland Announces It Will No Longer Arm Ukraine'
"Poland will no longer arm Ukraine, to focus on its own defense," Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced.

'Did Poland just torpedo NATO and Ukraine?
by 'CIA veteran' Larry Johnson

"Since 1991, the United States has launched more than 200 military operations in foreign countries. Russia and China combined have been involved in less than 20 such activities."


NYT suggests Ukraine false flag in civilian death incident -
'The New York Times left no doubt that it was Ukraine, not Russia, who killed the shoppers in Kostiantynivka. Zelensky the Beggar faces a hard task.'

'Biden Uses NY Times to Send Zelensky a Message'


'American transgender spokesperson for Ukraine's Territorial Defense Forces Ashton-Cirillo suspended indefinitely by the Ukrainian military

Ashton-Cirillo threats to hunt down and punish all "Russian propagandists," meaning anyone (including Americans) critical of Ukraine ... and Ashton-Cirillo had within the last days been in a verbal fight with influential Republican Senator J.D. Vance'


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