Sunday 3 September 2023

Sound of Freedom - Tim Ballard


Unknown commented -

Mel Gibson's 'Sound of Freedom' opens with the arrest of a Jewish pedophile with a vast library of kiddie porn videos. 

The statement at the end of the movie is that they faced huge opposition to releasing the story - it took 5 years to overcome. 

USA is the biggest market for kiddie sex traffickers a multi $billion business. 

The true life story of Tim Ballard follows. 

We thought it was an amazing story, well scripted, great acting. 

Amazingly The Guardian Review "Sound of Freedom review – anti-child-trafficking thriller that plays to the QAnon crowd." With one star. QAnon is a conspiracy site. 

Luckily a neighbor (former head of Police Force retired) says that it is NO Conspiracy. 

Quote email to me 3.9.23 - "Kxxxe and I probably wont see the movie as it is too close for home for us after Child Mistreatment Unit and Homicide Squad placements. We could tell you some stories about pure evil but we never will. 

Tim Ballard is an amazing man. At the time by memory he was under
cover for Homeland Security (after working in the CIA for 12 months). 

They changed the legislation where they could prosecute American citizens involved in sex trafficking and associated offences over seas. 

The incident that triggered him leaving was by memory a sister of a recovered boy who was smuggled into sex trafficking. I’m not sure what they say in the movie but he was going to go back to the states as at the time he had 6 children (now 9 I think with 2 being adopted). His wife who was an amazing woman gave him permission to leave Homeland security and stay overseas searching for the children.

 This was despite he would be unemployed and they would have no money." end quote. 

My neighbor has met Obama etc when he went to the USA from Australia & he said then the US Police force supported Trump. Here is the totally untrue review:


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