Sunday 10 September 2023

Samuel Mangold-Lenett

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Jewish conservative Samuel Mangold-Lenett in Covid warning

‘The powers that be simply cannot let Covid go’

“Mask mandates, and the lockdowns that often accompanied them, have resulted in some of the most damaging public consequences ever experienced.

“… [Wealth] and education disparities, suicide rates and substance abuse issues all skyrocketed after their enforcement. …

“Policies championed by … government officials and their allies … led to outlandish spending which has decimated the American economy, contributing to the out-of-control inflation …

“They cheered on extreme censorship of speech on social media under the guise of fighting disinformation, and inflicted educational disturbances on an entire generation of school children …

“Three years have passed, and it’s hard to see what good has come from Covid hysteria. The median American is poorer, sicker, and less free …

“It seems that the powers that be simply cannot let Covid go … Given the entrenched power of the lockdownphiles, [revolt] will likely prove difficult …”


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