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We are all Palestinians & Holocaust Victims now

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So every U.K. adult of working age has contributed — (so far) — £123 to slaughtering and maiming ordinary women, men and kids, on behalf of the Zionist-globalist crime cabal. (£4.6bn/37.5m)

Meantime, every U.S. adult of working age has so far contributed $207 toward this latest scam catastrophe ($43bn/207.4m)

No, you weren’t asked, they just took it.

As millions struggle to pay energy and food bills and taxes vastly inflated by the war and Covid scams — and thousands in Russia and Ukraine lose their lives and limbs — the Friends of Israel simply demand more money, missiles and mass slaughter.

In the UK, claimants of the vaccine injury scheme must be deemed 60% disabled if they are to get any money.


'Thirty years after the Palestinian Liberation Organisation signed the Oslo Accords, officially recognising Israel, the Palestinian people appear to be no closer to an independent state, and the occupation of their land looks even more entrenched.'

Yeshayahu Leibowitz (Hebrewישעיהו ליבוביץ‎; 29 January 1903 – 18 August 1994) was an Israeli Orthodox Jewish public intellectual and polymath. He was a professor.

'When speaking about National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, Yehuda Bauer drew a sharp line between the description “fascist” and “Judeo-Nazi,” a term coined by Yeshayahu Leibowitz to describe far-right Israeli nationalists.'

Yeshayahu Leibowitz 

Jewish Nazis?

Historian Yehuda Bauer: Israel's own politicians 

'Leibowitz became more harshly critical of Israeli policies following the 1982 Lebanon War.[7] 

'He repeatedly called for Israelis to refuse to serve in the occupied territories, and warned that Israel was turning its soldiers into "Judeo-Nazis", writing that if "the law . . . can allow the use of torture as a way of getting confessions out of prisoners, then this testifies to a Nazi mentality."[20][21][22] He supported a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories.[14]

There is a belief that Hitler and his top German Nazis had Jewish origins, and were working for an international Cabal.

Rolf Mengele and Josef Mengele. 

There is a belief that Josef Mengele, the Nazi, was Jewish.

According to Marc Berkowitz, a survivor of Auschwitz, Josef Mengele had a certain love for the Jewish people, was very knowledgeable about Judaism and even spoke Yiddish.

The Life and Crimes of a Nazi Doctor |

"Documents and interviews reveal that contrary to popular belief, for most of the time that Mengele was in hiding, the Mossad wasn't looking for him at all."

Why Did Israel Let Mengele Go? - The New York Times

'America's Dr. Mengele': The Jewish Biochemist Backed by ...

'America's Dr. Mengele': The Jewish Biochemist Backed by ...

12 Dec 2019 — Sidney Gottlieb Conducted Tests 
on Refugees and Prisoners 
That Were as Brutal as Those Carried Out by the Nazi Doctor.
6 Sept 2017 — TEL AVIV — For decades, Israel's espionage agency, the Mossad,
kept a file on Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor responsible for, ...

CRAIG MURRAY: “A unified political class, controlled by billionaires, is hurtling us towards fascism”

“The campaign of lies and innuendo against Roger Waters this last few weeks has been astonishing in both its viciousness and its mendacity …”

Inside the Pink Floyd founder’s gig that Frankfurt tried to ban
As Roger Waters faces a German police probe 
over accusations of antisemitism, POLITICO visits his controversial show.
“Flying pigs have been a part of Pink Floyd’s (and Waters’) 
image for more than 40 years, first appearing on the sleeve of the 1977 ‘Animals’ album.

"In past Waters shows, the inflatable pig has worn 
the Star of David; this time, when the giant pig balloon floated through the concert hall, it was emblazoned with the logo of the Israeli arms company ‘Elbit Systems’ …

“As at previous shows on Waters’ tour, 
Holocaust victim Anne Frank’s name was emblazoned on the screen above the stage immediately after it displayed the name of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, who was killed by Israeli soldiers in 2022 …”


Reinhard Heydrich, the mastermind of the Holocaust,
is believed to have been Jewish.

Walter Schellenberg in his Memoirs (p. 207) writes:
"Canaris told me after Heydrich's death that he possessed
proof of Heydrich's Jewish ancestry."

"When Heydrich was a child in Halle,
neighborhood children made fun of him,
calling him "Isi" (Izzy), short for Isidor,
a name with a Jewish connotation.

"When he served in the navy,
many of his comrades believed he was Jewish.
Some called him the "blond Moses."

"Others who lived in Halle have claimed that
everybody believed that his father,
the musician Bruno Heydrich, was a Jew.

"Half-Jew Alice Schaper nee Rohr,
who took piano lessons from Bruno, claimed,
"We all knew he was Jewish. ...
He looked just like a typical Jew."

"In town, Bruno was called Isidor Suess behind his back.
With such rumors going around,
it was not surprising that Heydrich felt
continually burdened by these allegations,
especially when he served as an SS general."

- Bryan Mark Rigg, the author of Hitler's Jewish Soldiers

Erik Hanussen

Erik Hanussen, born Hermann Steinschneider,
was a Jewish occultist.

'He instructed Adolf Hitler in performance
and the achievement of dramatic effect.'

He enjoyed the company of Germany's elite,
becoming close with members of Ernst Rohm's Brownshirts (SA).

'He was a supporter of the Nazis despite his Jewish ancestry,
which was an open secret.'

Hanussen was close to certain important Nazi officials,
to whom he had lent money.

It is claimed that Hanussen hypnotized Marinus van der Lubbe,
who was blamed for causing the Reichstag fire.[12]


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