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Daniel Khalife 

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Daniel Khalife’s family blame the British Army

They claim that the former soldier had “changed” in the past year

“I don’t know what they have done to him”

Daniel Abed Khalife, on his father’s side, has Lebanese heritage.[3][2] He formerly lived in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.[2]

Khalife joined the British Army in 2018[5] or 2019.[6] He was a network engineer serving with the Royal Corps of Signals (spooks) [7] 


Was Daniel 'mind controlled' by the spooks - to turn him into a sex slave and a patsy?



At 10 September 2023 at 07:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was Jimmy Savile a ‘Signaller’, too?

“The Savile family motto is ‘Be Fast’ as carved on the side of the Elland Arms, an old coaching inn in Halifax not far from Cragg vale and Savile’s many connections to there and Hebden Bridge, preaching in St John’s in the Wilderness …

“Hermes, as the wing-footed Messenger of the Gods and emblem for the The Royal Corps of Signals has long been known as Jimmy so when you want to ensure your lines of communication during war remain intact or Comms are down and they need to be back up … well, call on the Signallers, Jimmies, and Jimmy’ll Fix It. Their motto [is] Certo Cito – Swift and Sure.

“‘I was everyone’s mascot, pet, runner, holder of mysterious parcels and secrets …’ [As it Happens, Savile, 1974, p.4] …

“I suspect Savile’s love of radio was never on the entertainment side, it had begun as a purely technical affair, as a fascination with the ability to eavesdrop …

“Being able to read messages others are unable to read or being able to read when others don’t think you capable of reading (Savile’s last interview with Alex Belfield talks of him reading telegrams to people aloud in the war who couldn’t read) gives both power to the messenger immediately in conveying the message accurately but also a longer-term value in keeping the secret …

“In 1965 the Prime Minister Harold Wilson opened the Butlin Tower (now called the British Telecommunications Tower, formerly the General Post Office Tower). Although Savile liked to talk as if there was confusion over this in his autobiography of 1974.

“‘Sitting in our super seafront flat one day she was holding forth to some of her lady pals. I was reading. One of the ladies had mentioned the Post Office Tower in London. “Oh yes,” said the Duchess, “Jimmy opened that.”

“‘Now it’s a known fact that the Queen took that particular job on. “No sweetheart,” said I, “the Queen opened it. I just hold the record for running up the steps” …

“”Nonsense,” says she at this correction, “you told me you opened it.” And then to explain to her friends my interruption she said, “He did really,” adding the silencer of all time, “he forgets things you know” …’ [As it Happens, Savile, 1974, p.60]

“Bizarrely, in 1999 there has been some interesting work done by a chap called Richard Lamont [looking] at whether …a government building which came onto the market for sale … was actually a secret radio tower built at Capenhurst, Cheshire and used by the government to intercept 1000s of trunk land lines running through Britain to Northern Ireland.

“If you had a number of those structures dotted around performing those kind of functions (or dual functions, one being interception of comms) you’d need someone to be some kind of building caretaker presumably, fix them up or get maintenance in if something went wrong, do a big audit from Land’s End to John O’Groats when you can.

“It would have to be a job for someone who liked to travel, non-stop though and who’d want a job like that?”

At 10 September 2023 at 07:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never seen the news post such beautiful photos of a wanted man before… why did they keep showing him shirtless?
Spooky indeed!

At 10 September 2023 at 07:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


British comic Freddie Starr arrested in Savile abuse case

“Freddie Starr groped a 15-year-old girl while she was attending a Jimmy Savile show 41 years ago, a high court judge has found.”

Freddie Starr “was born on 9 January 1943 … the third of five children of Richard Ernest Fowell … then serving as a signalman in the Royal Corps of Signals, and his wife Hilda May … of German-Jewish descent …”;jsessionid=79206FC2A1111ECB47128C905F0F128D

At 10 September 2023 at 09:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anyone verify he is actually real? GAN images and psyop rubbish is literally everywhere. Not beyond the realms of possibilities that he never existed........just saying.

At 10 September 2023 at 23:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole story from start to finish looks like a British Intelligence News production put out through the MSN for the dumb masses.


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