Wednesday 13 September 2023

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Tragic Death of 8th Earl of Mexborough’s daughter in 1994

Westminster coroner Dr Paul Knapman says Lady Alethea Savile died of a drug overdose

Lady Savile was ‘mixed up with people from Barnes in southwest London, where another famous Savile — Jimmy The Fixer — was friends with Haroon Kasir, owner of the Elm Guest House de facto child brothel at the centre of a national VIP paedophile network’

“Lady Alethea Savile, 31, a freelance journalist, was once engaged to Mr James Gilbey, but their relationship foundered in 1992 at about the
time he was involved in the controversy over recordings of telephone conversations with the Princess of Wales.

“Forensic scientists told the court Lady Alethea's blood contained a mixture of heroin, cocaine, and an overdose of a drug she took for depression …

“[Westminster coroner DR PAUL KNAPMAN] ruled that the cause of death was a combined drug overdose, and that she took her own life while the balance of her mind was disturbed.”

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Boris Johnson calls for U.K. to send more cruise missiles to Ukraine

“Boris Johnson has attacked the government over its policy on Ukraine, saying it should urgently provide more weaponry …

“The former prime minister … called on the UK to provide [more] howitzers … Storm Shadow cruise missiles and [help with] drone technology’ …

“… [The] US has provided military assistance of more than $43bn (£34bn) since the start of the Biden administration.

“The UK is the second largest donor, having committed £4.6bn in military assistance to Ukraine so far, including £2.3bn in 2022 and a commitment to match that funding in 2023 …

“Britain is [also] providing long-range precision strike missiles …”

So every U.K. adult of working age has contributed — (so far) — £123 to slaughtering and maiming the ordinary women, men and kids of Russia, on behalf of the Zionist-globalist crime cabal. (£4.6bn/37.5m)

Meantime, every U.S. adult of working age has so far contributed $207 toward this latest scam catastrophe ($43bn/207.4m)

No, you weren’t asked, they just took it.

As millions struggle to pay energy and food bills and taxes vastly inflated by the war and Covid scams — and thousands in Russia and Ukraine lose their lives and limbs — the Friends of Israel simply demand more money, missiles and mass slaughter.


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